38-39 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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What I’m Recording With: Canon t3i

Edited with iMovie’11

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Whispers Ro-Closet says:

You and my sis share the same name

testforfap says:


Deejea Nestleroad says:

looove your hair

tropical vibes 20 says:

I pray for a safe delivery! good luck with baby Christian I’ll bet he will
be adorable!

Glam HouseDiva says:

omg it went so fast since you first told us good luck

Nadia Ford says:

Praying for a safe delivery!!!! Congrats again.

Bb Herr says:

Safe delivery

Dominique O says:

ppl get on my nerves on what is right with pregnancy and children. I think
whatever is best for baby AND mother is best.. the pics are
beautiful…blessings on labor.. just in case this is your last pregnancy

SimplyCin says:

Why do I cringe looking at your stomach? It just looks so painful to me!
Can’t wait until little man gets here though. He needs to give mama a
break! lol

Char Cook says:

Those picture are beautiful! Hoping he comes today :)

princessroro lovely says:

Have a safe delivery…

ForeverHis100707 says:

I love your hair like this! Pretty! Good luck with you labor and delivery!
Best wishes!

Tracy Bales says:

Good luck! I also have an induction set for the 15th! I’ll be 37 weeks with
my twin girls.

Ashley Ballard says:

Prayers and Blessing to you Emmanuel and Baby Christian

jamila williams says:

All the best!

Tana Davis says:

Wow!!! Congrats!!! He will be here before you know it! Love the twists :)

Haniya Aslam says:

Damnn i love youre hair mama… hot :)

enrica325 says:

Congrats!!! Great preg photos!! :-)

christen gallardo says:

Aw I’m so excited for you !! I pray you have a safe delivery I’m so excited
to see the little man :)

MsRoxyD says:

You look beautiful! I’m 38 wks and my hubby will be out of town for 2 days.
So I understand how you feel.

MsTwichi says:

Hi I’ve been following you all along your pregnancy journey. You have
really organized everything for the arrival of little Christian. Your going
to be a great little mama

Stephanie Michelle says:

I can’t believe it’s almost your due date. Seems like just yesterday you
were announcing your pregnancy. Can’t wait to see little Christian! Good
luck with everything!

Diamond Nicole says:

I feel like you were just announcing that you were pregnant lol it went by
so fast ! But I’m so happy for you & during this entire process you’ve
looked great girl :) I wish you guys nothing but the best ! Cant wait to
see him.

kristensweetieljm17 says:

Your gonna be such a great mommy :) good luck thru out the next couple of
weeks chicky :)

Opzy Bright says:

wish you all the best! have a safe delivery.

buttaripple . says:

I just cant believe he’s practically here! Between you and Nitra Im going
to be all over social media to see pictures!!! Praying for your safe and
quick delivery!

Chi J says:

<33333 see you soon baby Christian

smil3ykool2 says:

Omg u have the cutest baby bump congrats to u and ur huni…. im tryna get
pregnant now also….

Theladyleo14 says:

Best of lucky love! My family and I send our prayers for an easy safe and
great delivery experience :-)

Mark Turner says:

your ready to pop

molieberg says:

Congratulations on your coming baby boy! I hope it’s your last vlog & that
you have a healthy delivery. Being preggers myself I’ve enjoyed you
documenting your journey! Thank you :)

Pretty LaceFace says:

Wow!!! Congrats once again & I praying that u have a safe & healthy
delivery!!! He is going to be a healthy baby boy!!! ♥♥♥

Ashababy O says:

Thinking bout u today. Please be sure to let me know when you go into
labor. :-)

Jasmine Clark says:

congrats on baby Christian! I’ve watched every video since the announcement
of your pregnancy! I wish you and Emmanuel the best and I’m so excited for
pictures! also you are hugggeeeee girl lol :)

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