37 Weeks Pregnant Belly Shot – He’s still in there!!

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I know you all have a million questions…but to answer just a few:

– he’s still in there
– i’m still having contractions, just slightly more spaced out now
– i’m 37w+2 based on LMP/US or 37w-1 based on +OPK
– i’m getting out of bed for a few hours today. judge me.


Goni0405 says:

wow! your belly is huge! I’ve watched you from preggers day one and that
belly has GROWN! Hope the birth is just as beautiful! xoxo

mindyann33 says:

You look fantastic!

brittney stewart says:

You look amazing!

iloveyewz says:

CUTE UNDIES! lol! beautiful belly. I still miss mine :(

Persianmango says:

Wow you have such thin legs for a pregnant lady!!!

Maddie E says:

You have the prettiest baby bump! You still look super hot for being 9
months pregnant! Rock those panties!

ilovenbcnews says:

your belly looks awesome , and your boobs look great too :)

jennasie says:

i was just watching some of your old videos its so crazy how far youve
come! from the day you found out till today and your in labour. its so
weird to think about. ill be stalking facebook for more updates! so happy
for youuu!

Daniel Reid says:

hi what is your breast size and belly size

The Divine Mother says:

You look great Tina

aemt444 says:

just perfect

Ashley Davis says:

Congrats on full term! I’m 38 weeks on Friday!

TweedleTee10 says:

addressing that in a video today :)

thebabymuse says:

you look amazing! consider my formerly pregnant self VERY jealous.

carebearhotwheels1 says:

now that you’re not preterm are you going to try to have a home birth still?

TweedleTee10 says:

i WISH i had an update to give. this baby wants to stay in there!

MsRandomClips says:

Hi Tina, Could you do a video on what you have done to stay in shape
throughout your pregnancy? I think I asked before–not sure, I might have
just thought to ask. Anyway, I’d love to know!

BryanaRock says:

kudos to you for being brave and doing it in your undies. look at that
belly full of baby. having the baby out is bitter sweet your so happy your
babies here but you will miss having the belly. has alex been taking care
of you? i hope so i remember at this point your always out of breath its
always good to have an extra hand.

Britneys MamaJourney says:

Terry yelled at you cause “she’s not wearing shirt or pants!” lol btw NICE
BELLYY!! Its sooo big & cute!

Pixiedust0410 says:

I seriously LOVE the fact that you are brave enough to film this in your
underwear!! LOL!! That being said, you look great girl!! I can’t wait for
the update, I’ve been checking Facebook like every 30 minutes!

RoxannaJ BeStillAndKnowTTC says:

Congrats on being full term! :)

TweedleTee10 says:

not that much – i ate healthy through most of the pregnancy because i
really only craved veggies. other than that we went swimming a lot.

Alana J says:

You look amazing, lucky you! :)

TweedleTee10 says:

alex has been relatively good. he helped me organize the baby’s clothes and
clean out my own clothes from the closet. he’s pretty good until he starts
playing video games…hahahha

ilovenbcnews says:

great looking belly, and fabulus boobies too:)

candi0826 says:

love your belly. Definitely miss my belly my baby is almost one.

Lachlan Buchan says:

you look sooo good pregers

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