36 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck in 2008

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TheMJD100 says:

Any signs of baby coming? Its so close Im just waiting for you to post you
have had her!

J Mart says:

You look great!

TheMJD100 says:

You are looking AMAZING! Great job of only gaining 30lbs. Completely
healthy weight gain for a pregnancy. Your belly and scars look great! There
holding up really well. I bet your going to bounce right back to pre baby
belly!!!! Im glad to hear your not hurting to much and you still feel like
there is room to grow. What week where your other babies born? Did you
deliver between 37-39 with the other 3? Good luck! Hope you have a brand
new baby in 2 weeks!

81mommyofthree says:

Thanks so much. My first was born at 37 weeks because I took castor oil and
my water broke in 20 min lol. With the other two castor oil didn’t work and
by 39 weeks I was still pregnant and being the impatient person I am begged
for inductions. Since I never experienced going into labor on my own, I
regretted that, so this one I will let come when she says. I am anxious to
see when she will make her appearance. I really hope I don’t go to 39-40
weeks but you never know.

81mommyofthree says:

Nope :( Just shy of 38 weeks I thought with my fourth it would happen a
little earlier but I guess that is not the case :) I am hoping I don’t go
all the way to 40 weeks, or worse, over…..but I might lol

TheMAMAB123 says:

you sure do!!!!

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