36 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog! 9 Months Pregnant Officially + Belly Shot

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O M G, I am 9 Months Pregnant! Never really knew what this whole things would be like but here we are! My movements are slower and I am absolutely no longer comfortable in any position for a long period of time BUT I am still just as excited and anxious to see how the last few remaining weeks pan out for me. My “activity” down there has been more frequent for sure so lets all hope that im making some process naturally!! More videos to come soon relating to our nursery and what in my hospital bag so definitely stay tuned! Have a good day everyone and thanks again for watching! www.youtube.com/hauberbl


Alison Olsson says:

so exciting, your almost done! I was wondering if you could maybe do a
video or 2 or how you would bleach/color hair at home?

hauberbl says:

Absolutely… I will work on that for sure!

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