35 Weeks Pregnant + tummy (Flu)

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We are getting close! Pretty good week minus getting the flu and having to visit Labor and Delivery to get IV fluids & meds.
Also my husband and I want to do a maternity shoot this weekend and we would love to hear your ideas. I posted some inspirational maternity poses on my facebook page.
We’re also going to do a few last minute maternity dares. Ex: buying a pregnancy test and try not to realize that I am already pregnant. If there are any dares you would like to see, let me know ASAP

weight gain

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syndeybeck95 says:

Lol! You have to do the pregnancy dares! Too funny! We have had the same
nasty virus going around here too. Poor Charlotte, hope she’s feeling
better and you as well!

HiNoon says:

You’re so sweet. Thanks for the compliments. I can only imagine buying the
test with all the kids! hahah I didn’t think about that. Maybe that can be
my distraction so I don’t laugh. Hilarious. I looked up that website. So
funny. A lot of the same pictures from my facebook post, but some new ones
too. I searched Pregnant Chicken website for “photos” and it came up. So
weird and amazing :)

HiNoon says:

Yes, that flu was nasty and yucky timing! Thank you for the sub :) With
little baby finally home, I still haven’t been able to update a video in
over a week :( Congratulations on baby!!! I thought that 26-30 weeks took
forever and then it started to get faster :) Hang in there.

HiNoon says:

Well great minds think alike :) !!!

The Hooting Pirate says:

You are so entertaining 😀 love your humour 😉 Ack, sorry you were sick,
sooo not fun! Oh, I’m going to have to buy a pregnancy test, too! I’ll take
my 5 kids, pile them all in a shopping cart and bribe them to be really
rowdy… okay, probably won’t need the bribe 😛 Great dare! Yes, please do
film it ;D Good luck with the maternity shot! Have you seen this site?
Great ideas for poses, bwaahahaaa LOL!! pregnantchicken dotcom (won’t let
me put the addy) just keep on scrollin’ down 😀

The Hooting Pirate says:

So, I didn’t look at your facebook before I sent you the pregnant chicken
site and I thought you were going to do normal maternity photos LOL! I
thought I was being sooo funny LOL!! Can’t wait to see what you come up
with 😀

Aubrey D says:

Im so sorry you and your family got the flu. Im glad you are feeling
better! I did the pregnancy test dare with my first and the look on the
pharmasists face was priceless!!!!

Lydia Cox says:

omg I got that nasty virus at 22 weeks and landed myself in L&D getting
fluids all day too… IT WAS AWFUL…. btw I cannot stop watching your
vlogs. I subscribed yesterday and YOU ARE HILARIOUS. no boring videos, no
blah blah blah…. LOVE YOU!!!! (not in a weird stalker way, just love
watching your videos) I am 26 weeks pregnant, and ready for this to be over
with already.. LOL I just wanna hold my baby girl!

HiNoon says:

Thank you! Glad to be finally feeling better. Even trying out food again :)
I was scared. I can’t wait to see their face. Hope I don’t laugh.

HiNoon says:

I am working on how to film without being obvious or without them feeling
like I’m making fun of them. It’s all in fun

HiNoon says:

Yes, we will, it’ll be fun. Sorry you guys got sick too. It’s too early for
this! Well I guess there is never a good time. So far we’re all in the
clear :) Thanks

Erin S says:

you totally have to film the pregnancy dares! i’m glad you are feeling
better. almost there!

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