35 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck

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Taty Garcia says:

cool belly =)
My baby will born June …
=/ a bit anxious ..

ttoyass says:

Thank you!

carinacrolla says:

Noooo I wish. Ive not been feeling great to be honest hence why I havent
done any new vids. Ive had to have an extra growth scan (tomorrow) as her
growth slowed significantly so ill be doing a new video after my doctors
appointment tomorrow x

Amy Lynn says:

Dang! I was hopeful for you :) I’m hoping I don’t go past 38 weeks…not
sure how much more my belly can grow.

Amy Lynn says:

6lbs 4oz is a decent size…not too small. I’ll look for your video

lauryte08 says:

Glad all is well! Take care:)

Amy Lynn says:

How much do they say she weighs? I had a growth scan last Thursday at 32
weeks and she was 4lbs 4 ozs.

carinacrolla says:

My babies estimated weight at 32+2 was 4lb 2oz Her weight has slowed alot
since 36 weeks when she was 5lb 5oz snd 2 weeks later at 38+3 she is only
measuring around 6lb 4oz I will be doing a video today and posting tomorrow
as my wifi is down for uploads. Im currently 38+4 and very uncomfortable
now and still no sign :-(

Cassandra M says:

Are you having a girl? I’ve noticed the videos I’ve watched of tummy tuck
pregnancies that the ones pregnant with girls show rounder, the ones
pregnant with boys are oblong and don’t get the “bump” but just a full
abdomen top to bottom. I wonder if the old wives tale about how you carry
has any truth to it

Kellawanda says:

Your boobs have gotten ginormous! Mine haven’t budged….I thought that was
going to be a perk lol.

Amy Lynn says:

Looking great! Are you dilated at all?

carinacrolla says:

Im having a growth scan next week so will be doing another video with
estimated weight, fundal height measurement and they may possibly check to
see if ive dialated at all. And yes im having a girl although ive always
carried round in all my pregnancies and ive had a boy and a girl. Ill have
lots more info next week at 36 weeks

Aimee Beardsley says:

I’m 34+4 today but measured at 29/30 weeks, had a growth scan today and
baby is right on track. My little one has dropped extremely low, he’s about
an inch into my pelvic bone right now, which is why I’m measuring small.
How much does baby weigh? You look awesome!!

Amy Lynn says:

Have you had that baby yet? :)

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