33 Weeks Pregnant- Tummy shot!

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MadreMaven says:

Your pregnancy seems to have FLOWN by this time!

8kidswhoscounting says:

So exciting almost baby time ..

MadreMaven says:

Beautiful belly mama!!

Aria Phillips says:

Do you have a video on how you take care of your dreads? I’m curious!

dreamflight6000 says:

33 weeks!! Wow! You are glowing! Love the color of the walls behind you! So
bright and happy feeling! I can’t wait to meet baby! So excited for you!

Castro0309 says:

Seriously you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I’ve ever seen!
Your should be in a pregnancy magazine! Hope baby turns soon

TheMilesFactor says:

it only seems like yesterday i was watching your 15 week video! lol your
pregnancy has defo flown by mate

Jessica Meehan says:

My daughter did not flip head down until during labor.

Jenna W says:

Beautiful Megan! I too am worried – I am now 32 weeks and baby is not yet
head down. :(. Fingers crossed for both of us that changes soon!

Susan Finucan says:

So beautiful! You look great! I retained so much water near the end, but
you are all belly and skinny everywhere else! You eat well, I wish I could
haha I learn from your life :)

holdendmb says:

I am so excited for you!!!!! I am thinking of you tons, and sending you
crazy amounts of positive vibes to get that perfect little baby will turn
for you. I really have a good feeling about this, I think everything is
going to work out the way you want it this time! Love you!!!!

Priscilla K says:

Lol it’s nice that you’re so honest, like the body odor, I would never
admit that lol. Can’t wait to see the baby (girl)! Lol

holdendmb says:

oh and by the way- Camryn was breech up until 36 weeks, they started
talking to me about c sections (talk about stress!) and she flipped on her
own. Carson was also breech up until about 30 weeks. My friend Marianne had
a breech baby and went in the morning of her scheduled csection and they
checked her one last time before piticion and the baby had flipped!!! So
they sent her home. And she went on to have a vaginal birth. So I know lots
of situations where the babys have flipped.

mrsed10 says:

Acupuncture is also supposed to work to make the baby flip.

Shannon Lettinglifehappen says:

You look wonderful, Meg. Your just around the corner!

Luna Rain says:

My body odor has been bleh with this pregnancy too!!!! I’m 31 weeks. I am
(Carole Kalina) on Facebook btw. But anyway I felt the same way with my
second child. The anxiousness about the change. At first it will be weird.
But, its wonderful having two children. : ) I’m wondering how the change to
3 will be for me. You look great!!

jonasnjennlove says:

You look so great pregnant! Beautiful belly!

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