33 Weeks Pregnant- Gestational Diabetes talk + Belly Shot!

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Here is my pregnancy update! I talk about my symptoms, glucose test, weight gain, and belly shot!
Bad News from the Doc vlog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZepjyACkcq8
Baby Shower! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG-9qukzQrQ

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angela roberts says:

Can you see your feet still?

Lara Cantos says:

hahaha “Y’know, tons of fruit in sugar…” Pregnancy brain was attacking
you in full force. 

Vanessa Gold says:

@LARA CANTOS Why are you mad? LOL I love Judy more than you, chill.

April Ann says:

32 + 7 does mean 33 weeks. 

Vanessa Gold says:

u said 23 weeks pregnant lol

TheComments0 says:

thats cute

StrawberryPocky says:

I thought fruits were healthy to eat ? O___o

Cheer Chick says:

Lol Judy, “tons of fruit in sugar!!” lolol pregnancy brain! :)

jackylovesmakeup14 says:

My mom was like that about 6 months ago:-)

acys says:

NO stretch marks!?!??!? you are so lucky! I am going to re-watch all your
pregnancy vlogs when I get pregnant (many years from now i hope!)

x6angelxface9x says:

I HATED that glucose test!!!!!! The drink was too sweet for me.

Carmina Picazo says:

Judy you said “tons of fruit in sugar” xD another brain fart!!!

ashlyensinghs says:

I just found your channel(s) and I’m only 17, but this is all very
interesting! Thanks for sharing! Also, you remind me of my favorite aunt! 😀

chowiess says:

We both are having our babies at the same time! I’m having a boy. So

timber811 says:

omg, you are huge for 33 weeks, but you are so cute! i am 38 weeks and my
belly is like half your size but i am also 5’8″, you seem petite! best
wishes for a healthy baby, you may need a c-section though, no biggie!

ilovetwinkies781 says:


Stephanie Gomora says:


Fernando Morales says:

judy definitely you have to do a photoshoot with your belly and benji!!!
it’s something very significant and memories for julianna :)

Kamila Chanthavong says:

what’s the lotion called for stretch marks?

LadyEMC2TV . says:

Aww Judy, you look so beautiful. Your belly is gorgeous. Being pregnant is
so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

xohahahaxo30 says:

you can already see that Judy’s gonna be the best mom ever!

Bernadette Y. says:

Beautiful belly! You look fabulous!

Susan Le says:

Lol my sister had gained 42 pounds but she had her baby a week ago

LeAsia Partlow says:

You’re such a beautiful pregnant women so lovely and elegant. that’s a big
ole’ belly to just have gained 25 pounds she’ll be a big one lol :)

Ieva Ievina says:

I just love your hair :)

Margarita Alvarez says:

“The Homies!” xD

Melissa Sherman says:

They claim if you are gastro diabetes, you have a high chance to get
diabetes as you get older.

OhhxORiGiNAl says:

“tons of fruit in sugar” lol

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