33 weeks pregnant belly – baby kicking! Big Pregnant Belly! AMAZING!

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See more videos: http://www.youtube.com/libbysmith0003 Pregnant belly getting big! Watch the baby kick and move inside. Amazing pregnancy video 33 weeks pregnant belly – baby kicking! Big Pregnant Belly! AMAZING!


Sonicsean15 says:

Hey, Spider-man is playing in the background

ioriyamagi07 says:


hmessy says:

Beautiful belly and beautiful movements! Isn’t this just an amazing
feeling? One of the few good feelings during prenancy! Lol.

angelatlarge16 says:

uhhh ow? but adorable!

Bamz says:

i must say the ending is amazing…shed a tear…<3

Jacqueline Moore says:

that a amazing what do you have

ikram morid says:

thats beautiful omg god bless the baby

ayurealme says:

wow!!!! that’s really amazing !!!

ArtsyR0 says:

Good luck… It looks great… Better than my 1 year pregnacy.

Maddie Lawrence says:

that is insane!

IzzyKvnt says:

Truly amazing. I can’t wait to have a baby of my own some day. <3 ^-^

LiAiKoChAn says:

I can’t wait to experience pregnancy =] I’m 18 now, but waiting until I’m
done with college first =P

Jake Pieria says:

thats soo koool and gross at the same time ahah reminds me of alien vs
preditor haha

MovieDigitalUK says:

haha SPIDER MAN!!! :L

Mol7d says:

seems quite painful

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@wildidspud76 Yes it was! My first grandbaby!

lois0must0die says:

This video Is terrifying to me,yet I cannot stop watching it.It’s amazing
and scary at the same time.

wildidspud76 says:

that is just crazy! Wow this must have been a proud grama videoing this

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@MrsTrue2yourheart Congratulations! It’s amazing, isn’t it? The best is yet
to come… 😉

shayla charley says:

crap:P i put a thubs down i ment thumbs up=[ damn it

Niki Bun says:

@TheSuperSnookumz congratulations

MordrhidGotham says:

How can 6 people in the whole world not like this 😀

MrsTrue2yourheart says:

This is so cute :) Im 25 weeks right now, so in about 8 weeks i can see my
baby move like this.. <3 Now we can see our baby move just a little.. :)

Moved to "t h e p i e s e a s" (old account of 'Furvillishus') says:

Cute! I bet it was dreadful having that baby but joyful afterwards :]

Chessa0511 says:

she sure does love kicking..hehe.. so adorable and her sister londyn. They
all looks so pretty.. Nice video..

EdXLover says:

I can’t wait to be married and have a baby of my own, I want a big family.

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@lois0must0die I know!! It looks like Lilah is going to come right through
Danielle’s belly button!! :-)

MrNiceGuy933 says:

lol thumbs up 4 spider man in the background

MsLokita214 says:

awww i miss being pregnant

MegaDami24 says:

Wow,that is so beautiful..Am pregnant (8months,am due Oct 25) n my baby gal
is kicking,pushing n dancing inside me whenever i play a music…Its a joy
of motherhood n a blessed one to witness..

Selena Morales says:


Shazubuzu says:


desertflower001 says:

I love the screaming in the background.. it really adds to the suspense lol

lois0must0die says:

I was waiting for the second that kid busts out of there like predator…I
should stop watching so much t.v

Mohogany Cozart says:

Lol That scared the mess out of me but that is to adorable

AideeJennifer says:

youre watching spiderman. XD

josh71111 says:

son of a bitch who turned out the lights. let me out of hear. I did my time

Jessica Utterback says:

that was always the best part of being pregnant

Hao Nguyen says:


Ron0loves0hermoine says:

I’m in between going ‘aww thats so beautiful!’ and ‘omg..that’s kinda

goo nicholson says:

that, freaked me out… but congrats dude <3 im sure lilah is BEAUTIFUL :)

Kim Stijfs says:

the best feeling there is :) only anying somethimes when im typing on my
laptop and kicks haha my whole laptop goes up and down…..funny tro haha

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@TheSuperSnookumz Congratulations!! Pregnancy is an amazing experience,
especially when the baby moves. It’s great! :-)

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@JFaye1989 My daughter had a little girl named Lilah. You can check out the
other videos of Lilah on my channel. She’s 13 months old now and absolutely
gorgeous! :-)

KloudKatMW3 says:

You can see her hand print! That’s truly amazing!

Tabitha Cichy says:

how cute! I’m 33 weeks right now, and I just love it when my little guy
kicks =)

terry griener says:

spiderman 3 in the background

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