32 Weeks Pregnant + tummy

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Yes, I said Fatastic. I think I’ll trademark it. It’s fitting :)
This week I cover my symptoms including yet another trip to Labor & Delivery
Weight gain
And curly hair

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HiNoon says:

:) Thank you. I’m glad you like Fatastic (it’s a keeper). I was talking
with my friend today and we were saying the exact same thing about work out
clothes…at least they think we’re trying…can’t be hard on someone for
that. It’s a new trend. Let’s trademark that too!!

HiNoon says:

Thank you! Haha Yes it’s so different with baby #3. Ridiculously fun :) I
think she will make it, but you’re right, I need to get stuff done. I’m
going to start with the baby laundry. And honestly today with the older
kids gone, I was bored!!!!

HiNoon says:

Ha thanks! I’m so glad you know who Gary Busey is! That guy is a mess (hair
wise for sure).

Erin S says:

I’m cracking up as usual! I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and just
a few days ago felt like my baby was going to either crawl her way out or
fall out. I, too, thought, “how on earth has Michelle Dugger had 19 kids!?”
Unbelievable. Anyways, we’re in the home stretch now. I’m sure you have all
the basic necessities that baby will need early on so just enjoy the peace
and quiet! :)

syndeybeck95 says:

You make my day! So funny!You are NOT Fatastic,although I do love the term
and yes you should get it trademarked. And I really like your hair today. I
had to laugh when you said you were wearing workout wear just so people
think you are working out. I do the same thing.lol That way if someone I
know sees me out they can just say”Well at least she’s trying to do
something about it(fat).lol

Hazel McCann says:

You crack me up! I was sitting here laughing out loud when my daughter ran
in to see what was so funny! Gary Busey hahahah. You look great, and don’t
worry about not getting much done, I’m not pregnant and I don’t either :-)

smoothseas1 says:

The curly hair looks good!! :)

HiNoon says:

Aww thanks. It’s definitely faster.

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