32 WEEKS PREGNANT | ft. Dani.

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Hey all! I wanted to do something a little different for this update! I was visiting my family again this weekend and decided to do a joint update with my sister Danielle who is also pregnant (36 weeks) that way you guys could see the comparison of sisters and different pregnancies and what not :) I hope you all enjoy! Much love!

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Thanks all! Byyyyeeee


slenderman slender says:

i would bang both of you

Ryan Magallanes says:

Danielle is so big and sexy

cliff richmond says:

The chick with the glasses is really cute! :-)

Mudflap and Skids Fan says:

You both look really youngm how old were you two?

Ryan Lake says:

Willldfam congratulations

Mohammed Shakir Ashrafi says:

Red girls is betttttttttttttttter and sexierrrrr

Dani Pregna says:

The 4 week difference is incredible! Lovely video! You 2 are glowing.

Mm Bb says:


Lovegainers5 says:

I love those bellies!

Brandon Thomas says:

congrats! have a safe day!

Brandon Thomas says:

ya"ll look amazing! what social media do you use?

VITRIOL 93, 93/93 says:

lovely, enjoy!

Top 5s says:

U 2 are really cute

Corgis Die says:

Wow, you two look beautiful.

Justin R says:

you are both absolutely stunning and look gorgeous. but I think your sister is a little bit bigger than you are!

Mathieu Leader says:

nice fun sisterly love

RK B says:

I use iMovie too (if that's what you use it s seems like the same editing stuff)

RK B says:

This seems like a cool challenge hope your baby is heathy

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