31 Weeks Pregnant +tummy (Skin Cancer Precaution)

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31 Weeks Pregnant. I share my symptoms, weight gain, procardia, bra shopping, and skin cancer concerns

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syndeybeck95 says:

You are so funny. Thanks for sharing the serious stuff too.:)

HiNoon says:

Thanks! So many fun symptoms to experience!

HiNoon says:

Thank you so much. I will check out your videos. I’ve never heard of that

cobainmatrix says:

Put your mind at rest. Cansema black salve is not only a cancer treatment
but a diagnostic tool. It does not harm healthy cells, only cancer cells.
See the salve at work in videos on my channel (pretty graphic) or see a
recent posting called ‘my skin cancer story’ by Greg Kraft. Pregnant women
and mothers have enough to worry about!!!. With a family history of
melanoma, you should have the salve on hand. You can make it yourself or
purchase it from Alpha Omega Labs.My 18 treatments cost me $60.

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