31 Weeks Pregnant Belly Shot – Getting a Line?

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syndeybeck95 says:

Oh no, so sorry to hear about Alex’s accident. Hope he’s feeling better

jd2194 says:

@hippyh24 you prob are preg. Bc I was lightly bleeding for 14 days on and
off and I was like “wow this is one weird period” nd iddnt get my usuall
menstrual cramps so I took a preg test came out pos. I went to the doctor
and they confirmed my preg. And the bleeding was just spotting some women

TweedleTee10 says:

haha, i never think of it when i’m making the videos

amechelb says:

Your getting so BIG!!!! YAY!

TweedleTee10 says:

hey! yeah just search for tinamichelle1987@gmail.com

hippyh24 says:

thanks @jd2124, im going to wait and test in a weeks time and see if aunt
flo comes then ill go to congratulations on your baby :) xxx

Zoe Savage says:

pregnant? they want to know about how they stretch…ok…! :) good for
them if they watch

Zoe Savage says:

Thanks for your comment. Glad Alex is ok, really surprised its a boy but
congrats! :) ive also send u and alex a message

Jeannee Waseck says:

I was just about to ask the same thing, Megan! She doesn’t have a visible
wall that I can see – do we have to friend you, to see???

hippyh24 says:

hi, im 27 and think im going mad, my periods not due for 2 1/2 weeks but
got a wee blood clot, done a test first morn urine and it was extremely
faint positive. done more that were negative, then 3 more with morn
urine….. they were neg at first but after couple of hrs they were
positive??? aaaah what you reckon? love your vids xx

Megan0798 says:

who do you accept on your facebook? Could i like be friends with you there?
or are you only friends with someone you know? I’m a little confused, since
you often say that you’ve writen something on your facebook, and you
haven’t got a fanpage… hope you understand this question 😉 -Megan

MrsHash1993 says:

My line is the same it’s always been way crooked.

ReillyAJ says:

love ur hair

Zoe Savage says:

Is Alex ok? Is the baby a girl or a boy? Do you feel a pull towards the
ground? Do you balance stuff on it? Sorry, I’m just really curious! Oh and
by the way, you and Alex will be great parents!

serbtwist says:

I have always had a faint line underneath my belly button, but I just
noticed yesterday that it has gone crooked! ;[

BabyVlogger123 says:

Are you going to share the baby’s name?

Dean Inglis says:

Having two kids of my own and one on the way I always find other peoples
journey through being pre go interesting. Nothing wrong with that.

hippyh24 says:

*doctors lol xxx

TheChocolatecake101 says:

Yeah it was pretty weird lol It just missed my belly button lol so close to
being in the right place but not quite haha

cordigalcl says:

I never got strech marks until 35 weeks + You definatly have the pregnancy
glow though!

Kelsey Alysse says:

Yeah I have the line too!!! I hope it goes away!

AprilBaby2011 says:

Super cute!!

leandro11211 says:

nice belly

Jangurl Steph says:

If you mentioned it on youtube I missed it and apologize. I am curious bc I
am going for my testing next week and am kinda nervous. Was in the same
boat as you concerning “should I or shouldnt I?” So I am interested to see
how you and baby did.

Jangurl Steph says:

Hi Tina, I love watching your vlogs, I’m addicted lol I am also pregnant
with my first and having a boy! I am 27 weeks pregnant and look forward to
your vlogs. Your vlogs always make me feel so normal and not alone, none of
my friends are pregnant, actually nobody around me is pregnant at the
moment so I greatly enjoy having you to relate too. You are looking so
beautiful and your happiness radiates throughout all of your vlogs. I was
wondering how your GD testing went?

Zoe Savage says:

y would guys watch pregnant bellies? only we watch them!

Kaleigh Anderson says:

awe your belly is some cute I love you look amazing ! <3 I can not wait
till you have him been fallowing you for a while now and watching you belly
grow each week make’s all warm and have a nice feeling inside the best of
luck for last nine week’s or less :) xoxoxo and I hope Alex is alright

Tyler Bivens says:

are you ready for the birth. hope all is well

TheChocolatecake101 says:

My line was always crooked! It went straight the whole way, but never met
up with my belly button lol It was off to the side!

TweedleTee10 says:

alex is okay! baby is a boy :)

singalongforever18 says:

Wow. I’ve been watching your vlogs every week since I found out I was
pregnant and just realized we have the same dates! I am 31 weeks 1 day and
today it’s August 11th 2013! Crazy!

Dean Inglis says:

You should say hey guys and girls

gurlemilymlr says:

some guys like the big bellies

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