31 weeks pregnant after a tummy tuck vlog belly

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31+2 weeks pregnant after a full TT with muscle repair several years ago. Follow my journey and experiences. Follow me on instagram: rasta_princess


Macarena Videla says:

Hi I was wondering did you belly button hurt or ur where the cut of ur
tummy tuck was am pregnant and I am a bet scared its gonna be my 2d baby my
1st was fine I had lots of space there for I had lots of loss skin n
everyone though I gained weight again but after having her n trying to get
back to the weight I ended up I got the tummy tuck n its been about one yr
already from my tummy tuck n now am really scared I get a lot of tummy pain
at times so I was wondering if it happened to you. Thank you for ur video!

Amy Lynn says:

Looks great! Do you have a vertical scar in the middle of the TT scar? I
have one but I’ve never seen anyone else with one.

carinacrolla says:

My belly was enormous with my first two pregnancies. I gained a lot if
weight with every level pregnancy including this one. I dont work out but
try to limit the junk food and portion sizes. I just tend to diet and
exercise after birth to shift the weight

Amy Lynn says:

Ya, I have a vertical shall scar in the middle…my main scar line is
extremely low.

Amy Lynn says:

Just checking to see how you were doing?

dwtj1978 says:

Well thank you for the informative video the scar looks fantastic and so
does the belly thank you for letting us continue this journey with you and
I look forward to seeing the next video

carinacrolla says:

Could someone translate that comment please lol?

Natacha Dietrich says:

How was your belly in the other pregnancies? Did you gain more weight with
your first pregnancy? What is you eating/fitness plan during this
pregnancy? After your tummy tuck operation did u do a diet and fitness plan
to get skinny? I had my operation 7 months ago and I’m eating healthy and
exercising a lot, but the efforts are not motivating. Will really
interested in your case :-) You look great!

Claudineia Pereira says:

seu parto foi normal ou cesaria? me mande fotos ou videos de como vc ficou
depois do parto? bjs

carinacrolla says:

Yeah I have the vertical scar in centre. I havent seen many. My surgeon did
it otherwise if she hadnt my main scarline would have been higher up which
I didnt want

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