30 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck

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7 1/2 months pregnant after tummy tuck,hating my new stretch marks and leg cramps.loving the baby moving.muscle pains in belly seem to have stopped.finally into the 30’s,cant wait for it all to be over with so i can hold my lil baby boy.measuring 31 weeks fundus height(it took 4 people to find it where muscles are so tight lol).bloods and urine are fine,have another scan on 25th sept to check growth even though consultant wasnt worried about baby this week.takecare.x check out my story at http://pregnancyafteratummytuckthetruth.blogspot.com/2010/02/pregnancy-after-tummy-tuck-truth.html#links


Marian Martin says:

Thank you for sharing this I am pregnant and they can see my baby in a
ultrasound so I was a bit nervous that I might be losing my child. I had a
tummy tuck 2 years ago so perhaps this is the case for me.

mandaloolu mobile says:

Just reading through some of the dumbass judgmental and ignorant
comments…. for hell sakes people, shit happens. Most women don’t ‘plan’
to have more kids prior to an elective abdominoplasty; but sometimes life
happens and we deal with it. Luckily our bodies do too. Skin does
regenerate, and everything usually returns to normal minus some stretch
marks. Hell, it is possible to have another mini tuck if desired! I had a
baby after an abdominoplasty and my stomach returned to normal after 3
weeks, flat as a washboard. The rectus abdominal muscle usually will not
separate, stretching OVER the belly which makes the uterus encroach into
the ribs, back, stomach, etc 20x what the normal prego will experience,
making things extremely uncomfortable at the end.

saida gordon says:

ok I want to get a tt , but i always wanted 4 kids but was wondering if i
should have one after surgery but now after seeing this I def want to
ethier have one before surgery or just stay with 3. It looks like it hurts
being stretched like that and the scar looks really bad.. but hey u might
just pop back into shape but i dont think i will lol i get huge when i get

0WickedClowns0 says:

did you do the tummy tuck at home? that is a gnarly ass scar.

mrlnfrrr says:

omg i love ur belly here cuz u actually look pregnant. Love It.

karen climent says:

Omg , I have a tummy tuck done 3 years ago , and now I just got married and
my husband doesn’t have kids. I have two kids already . He wants to have
kids , oh my god I do not want to get pregnant again and ruin my surgery ,
at the same time he wants a baby. Probably I will look like you if I get
pregnant. How does your belly look like after the baby born? thanks

Mommarazzi C. says:

The point of a tummy tuck is not not to get pregnant. It’s called love over
vanity (to the dumb asses out there). Love happens! Congrats. :)

wavey1490 says:

i sent u a email hun.x

lucy4211 says:

thank you I have been waiting for this video !! I hope you and the baby are
doing well Thank you so much

Yvonne Don says:

@ThePenguinmummy Yeah sorry if i sounded harsh but it’s just my opinion. i
love my bump, pregnant with my 3rd child but i have been fortunate to have
had no real problems with stretch marks, loose skin etc. If you had it for
medical reasons then i can see why.

andrew williams says:

Some of you people are so ignorant and rude!! The women has had a tummy
tuck and is now pregnant. She is not trying to look good she is offering us
women who are considering pregnancy after a tummy tuck a little insight….
If you don’t like it fuck off and don’t watch it!!

MsMuppet101 says:

how close did you conceive to your surgery because those scars look really
recent for being 7 1/2 months pregnant. Does it just take forever for them
to fade?

Russ Davis says:


liz olazaba says:

@allaboutmybraces I’m not putting anyone down, I’m just telling it like it
is, shit traumatized me. She put her self down when she did that to
herself. And last time I checked, we had a thing called ‘freedom of speech’
therefor I can have my opinion heard. And that is my opinion, if you don’t
like it, then oh fucking well. I speak my mind when ever and how ever I

diamond Cash says:

i want a tummy tuck and thought i had to make a big decision of never
having another child again…but thank to u i can…just an option i mean.


Gross…. hope thats not to negative. just the first thing that comes to
mind .

Sandra Caskey says:

What did doctors tell you about haivng a baby after a TT and Tubal? I am
also considering this because I am in the same situation as you and want to
possibly have another baby…Can you shoot me a email with your

Lrdvltr says:

@bgraff1lsu That’s nasty.

katarzynas85 says:

OMG your belly is so small for 30 weeks

Belle Juarez says:

omg I would be soooo scared to get pregnant after my tt hope everything
went fine;)

wavey1490 says:

thanks for your support girls and guys if you dont want to watch it then
dont,im trying to help women considering pregnancy,u wouldn’t understand,it
is a massive decision to make especially if know one understands why you
would decide to have another baby after surgery and “ruin” your tummy
tuck.its the best decision ive ever made because i did what my heart said
to do not my head and all the people around me anyway i dont understand why
you guys are looking up videos of pregnant women anyway!

jasmin germanotta says:


emonslemons says:

can i ask if the skin stretching hurts more now than with the first
pregnancy…..and if it does do you think its because the skin behaves
differently after a tuck, because there will be less skin ….or did your
skin just adapt?….congratulations on doing what you felt best (and now
you have a baby on the way!)….it must of been a bit of a challenge.

XsecretX93 says:

AH I have them same shorts :3

caramelest88 says:

little confused as to why you would get a tummy tuck then get pregnant!
what a waste of money. didnt your surgeon advise not to have a tummy tuck
if you plan to have children? pregnancy is beautiful, im a mum myself, but
i think you did things backwards.

tato suarez says:

Not a pretty tummy. You ate too much with your other pregnancy. Ewe!

missfankyy says:

it’s a mess

allaboutmybraces says:

@1761341 stupid stupid stupid negative people :)

lovableangel2005 says:

it looks like the skin has a hole in it

ThePenguinmummy says:

@XQueenieXBX Its actually called an abdominoplasty if you want to get anal
about it!

liz olazaba says:

@vixenprincess91 LMFAO!.. uh, I still thing this looks like gross. I’m NOT
going to sugar coat anything, this still traumatizes me.

emma Grace says:

@wavey1490 I agree 100% =)

trinket01 says:

oh my gosh! same thing happened to me! less than a year after my tummy
tuck, I thought i couldn’t get pregnant cause i only had 1 tube and 1 ovary
left and next thing u know…….. baby time! new stretch marks but awesome
awesome baby! :)

Patricia Ortiz says:

Some people are just so hateful. Why post nasty comments? @ wavey1490, you
are extremely brave to post your video and I for one appreciate it. My only
question is how did your post partum belly turn out? I would like to see
videos of that.

Monica G says:

Thanks for the post. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I often wonder how my belly
is going to look. I’m still not really showing. when did you start showing?

ilovegod9988 says:

why get a tummy tuck then get pregnant. :-/ makes no sense. why not wait
till after you have kids to get it done. that’s a little messed up there.

Dorinda Lynn says:

Has the re-stretching process been painful? I also have had a full tummy
tuck. I was told it would be VERY painful to re-stretch those muscles. Good
luck to you. I cant believe how lucky I was to find your post THANK YOU!

liz olazaba says:

@allaboutmybraces If shit looks gross to me, it just does. And I’m not
going to come here and lie about it looking good either.. that shit would
creep anyone out. call it what you want but that is fucking creepy shit. i
never seen anything like it.

laughingHawk says:

Uh…curious, but aren’t you supposed to get the tummy tuck after the

Sunny4434 says:

fuck did i jus click on

cicada300 says:

@wavey1490 :( it popped up in my recommendations. I have no idea why

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