30 Day Post-Natal Core Stabilization Workout: Moms Into Fitness

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Post-Natal Core Stabilization Workout from Moms Into Fitness with Lindsay Brin is an effective 8-minute abdominal routine that offers a unique series of low-intensity inner core exercises that are designed to train your pelvic floor and transverse abdominis muscles to re-align the spine, build health and integrity and flatten the midsection for toned post-baby results. Activate the core, engage the abs and blast away belly fat with Creator of Moms Into Fitness DVDs\Downloads, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Research Expert and Mom of 3, Lindsay Brin as she coaches you step-by-step through these result driven exercises that will have you on the road to a lean and tight post-baby body fast! This routine features 8 exercises for 10 reps each and can be taken with you anywhere to boost energy and challenge all of the muscles of the abdominals. Get your body back with ab-targeted moves like pelvic tilts, warm-up variations, core stabilizers, marching leg lifts, reverse marches in the 90 zone, leg scoots, alternating supermans and more that will leave you looking and feeling your best. You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this exercise and should obtain your doctor’s permission before beginning.
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Jenny Rivero says:

How long should I do this video until I can switch to core 2? I'm 11 weeks postpardum and just started this today. I also do gentle yoga after. 

Karissa K says:

I can't find the 30-day calendar. Can you help? When I click the link at the beginning of the video it just takes me to another youtube page. Thanks!

bawanigowri says:

can i tips on diet meal plan pls

Алима Абеуова says:

So need to me with my baby boy;)))

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