3 Weeks Belly Binding Experience After giving Birth

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I am 3 weeks post partum

Stay tuned for my 2 month update and final results

Girdles that I wear

Shea Butter mixture to prevent stretch marks

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Janiyah Morgan says:

I lost mine smh

ChicaSoltera says:

0:34-that's what my stomach look like and I don't even have any children, lol

Queen Petty says:

can you wear a waist trainer instead? (when you get out the hospital)

megan smith says:

straight to the point… swear I appreciate that! lots of info thanks

Jess J says:

Wouldn't doing something like this mess with lymphatic circulation?

rachael samora says:

Did you ever get a c section pouch or did the belly binding help prevent that?

Gabriela Solis says:

Careful. my midewife told me if you use this type of restrain you will neves get a flat tummym because you will make your muscles weak. I didn´t ware it, I{m 60, 3 kids and have a flat tummy!!!

shantella brown says:

you loss 30pounds in 3 weeks

Fatuma Ahmed says:

hello I just now saw ur video its awesome thank you for the info my question is I had a c section its been 9 months now I try excarsie but my stomach still looks like my 6 months pregnant it just won't go down its really depressing any tip u got to help? plz and thank you

Keep The Change says:

Great video Sweetie! I got tickled when you pointed out the 3 scars! I am too familiar with those scars. I have them also. Your elasticity is excellent and you will be perfect within no time. As for using Shea Butter throughout your pregnancy, you did the right thing! Continue on the track you are on and take care of your little Love Bug! I will subscribe; I see you are passionate about health and wellness and also sharing positive information. Please sub back! I am a Health and Wellness Coach and I will be adding informational vids soon. Thanks again for sharing!

#KeepTheChange The Change

Charlotte Sego says:

The compression belt makes much more sense. I viewed several sites and it should be something expandable and not too tight. Plastic wrap is not advised.

Charlotte Sego says:

This does not sound safe to use so soon after delivering a baby.  Please watch you weight and eat healthy, don't drink alcohol, for you and baby. Drinking and smoking can cause severe birth defects. Don't gain any more than your doctor recommends. It is normal to have swelling for 6 weeks after delivery. You may constrict your veins and arteries and cause a stroke or heart attack. Please use common sense and discuss this with you nurse or doctor before doing this.

Tara Burton says:

Great results, I just don't find it comfortable maybe I'll try different products. I do work out I feel my self stronger just not seeing results I expected to see.

piscesmind says:

you look amazing!! gives me hope thank you!

Heidi Haag says:

Was it painful to start binding your belly right after your c-section ?

Rosa Gata says:

Hi i wanted to ask you i could ask for a belly binding in any hospital for example Yale new haven hospital

Linda Taylor says:

I just had my baby two weeks ago I wrapped it one day with the hospital band n seran wrap I'm gone try it for three weeks now n c wat happen

koitsme says:

How come no one told me about this 3 months ago!!! LOL I hope its not too late. I'm tired of this big belly!

Thanks for the vid! Loved it!

Tamell Green says:

Thanks for the video

tootie2yu says:

Thank you :) glad u posted this

tootie2yu says:

How long should i keep this on during the days? 24hrs? Overnight?
Im not sure how to use daily

falsetto54 says:

is that an ace bandage? i'll be 1 month PP tomorrow after a c-section and i was told to try binding my belly. will this help me out??

Kitta Reed says:

I had a c-section two weeks ago put my band on four days later when I wasn't sore and I've already seen results. I sleep in my band and take it off to shower. This was my second c-section didn't use the band the first time cause I didn't think it would work but my baby was heavier this time so I figured I'd give it a try. Soon as I put the band on I felt a lot better.

Kendrea Neufeld says:

Amazing!! what brand is your girdle from walmart?

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