3 Months Pregnant

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3 Months Pregnant — You’re now 12 weeks pregnant (3 months), the oncoming of week 13. This marks the conclusion from the 1st trimester (also the first three months of being pregnant) as well as the start of 2nd trimester. It’s been 90 days when your baby was conceived and so they measure about 7.6 cm (or 3.04 inches) and weigh approximately 30 grams (about 1 ounce). Because your uterus grows upwards and out from the bones of the pelvis, size from your bladder along with your waistline will start to grow larger.

In the end with the third month of childbearing, baby is fully formed. Baby has arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes and may open and shut its fists and mouth. Fingernails and toenails start to build up and also the external ears are formed. The beginnings of teeth are forming. Kids reproductive organs also develop, however the baby’s gender is tough to tell apart on ultrasound. The circulatory and urinary systems work and also the liver produces bile.


shooglechic says:

This all makes sense…Whenever I stand up, I get dizzy. I was getting so
worried. It is all normal, well as normal as a pregnant woman can be.

Aran Wood says:

Excellent little film – well done and thanks.

ElijahsLittleGirl says:

I’m 4 months with my first, and it’s very common not to feel him esp since
he’s my first! :) Probably 4-6 more weeks.

Alejandra Gonzalez says:

well I have three months and I HADNT feel the baby

Alejandra Gonzalez says:

hi well now I feel my baby now I know its a girl and I have 5 months
already!!! Im happy

natasha warner says:

wat if u have belly pain by now in the lower part at this time ?

sekangel88 says:

As long as there is no bleeding or cramp like pain, you should be fine but
you could call your doctor just ease your mind.

ElijahsLittleGirl says:

Wonderful! :) Congratulations to you! : )

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