3 Months Pregnant Update !

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Urg, cravings are terrible. I crave so much its not even funny. I’m craving ham and mustard sammiches. That and Jamaican beef patties again! Uuggggh! Somebody feed me! I can feel this baby growing again. They’re like period cramps I get, but my period cramps are worse than normal so IT HUUUURRRRTTTSS! I need a tummy rub guise :c


suzan sierra says:

Anyways congrats your right all yhings do happen for a reason youll be a
great mother

jessie julmice says:

You Hoe Bag, 16 & haveing a baby , Your mom should be so proud! Hoe

Mina Cannibal says:

I know Suzan but all things happen for a reason so I’m just going to stay
positive. And Thanks Resse ^.^

Resse Choate says:

I Dont know u… But CONGRATS!!!

suzan sierra says:

Your so young you have years to go and you get pregnant at 16 I’m only 14
and I don’t wanna get pregnant till age 20 sorry hunny I know I doont know
you but your not ready sorry

Mina Cannibal says:

Actually I’m 16 😛

robbie guerra says:


Mina Cannibal says:

Thank you ❤

bee dee says:

who the hell do you think you are…you dirty piece of sh@#….you do not
degrade someone and judge someone who you do NOT know or know anything at
ALL about their life or situation. Your mother obviously did a horrible job
raising you..she must be a piece of sh@# like you…way to go!

TheGeneralModders says:


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