3 months post delivery pregnancy after tummy tuck

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TheMJD100 says:

Thanks for the update! Looking good!

karen climent says:

hello, what type of exercise did you do during pregnancy? I had a tummy
tuck done 5 years ago after 2 children and Im pregnant now . I m so
concerned how my belly is gonna look after. You look great .

81mommyofthree says:

On each of the hips exactly on the sides

ajuneice says:

Yes, thanks for sharing. You look great, how far does your scar go around

Trusterh says:

Did your surgeon use permanent stitches in you ab muscles? I

81mommyofthree says:

I used this stuff from Shopko (pharmacy section) called Vanicream. It is
very thick and pricey so I did half that and half cocoa butter lotion and
rubbed it all over my body, but the stomach area I would just use the
Vanicream. It is the best lotion ever, in my opinion :)

81mommyofthree says:

Karen, I honestly didn’t do any, horrible but true, I was careful what I
ate, until the end….I gained a little more than I wanted to but it is my
own fault for being lazy. My stomach stayed fairly flat, but the scar right
below my belly button became a little loose, nothing to be re-done though,
she is well worth it :)

81mommyofthree says:


81mommyofthree says:

No mine stayed in tact well, my ab muscles are still together and the scar
did come a little loose in the front but not enough to bother me :) Once I
lose the pregnancy weight I think I will be fine with it.

hollyncj1 says:

Are you going to post a new updated video???

Angela Coburn says:

Will you have surgery again? I had a TT and got pregnant a year later. My
daughter is 3 1/2 now. My TT never looked as good as before. I barely even
got to see full results, as the swelling takes a year to completely go
away! But, I have a bulge above belly button and skin is loose around scar

mistameanor11 says:

What did you use any type of cream on your stomach while pregnant?

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