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Hey everyone! Welcome to my 28 weeks preggers vlog! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. :)



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How I do my makeup: https://youtu.be/cPWFt1FbSeQ

My Travel System: https://youtu.be/lGaYhhVTyXA

What I’m Wearing
-Earrings: www.kendrascott.com
-Necklace: www.stelladot.com
-Top: http://bit.ly/1JbWBCD
-Leggings: www.target.com
-Pinky Ring: www.etsy.com
-Watch: www.michaelkors.com
-Bracelet: www.coordinatescollection.com

Products Mentioned
-Foot Cream & Massage Items: www.bumpboxes.com
-Post-Labor Panties: https://www.victoriassecret.com/panties/5-for-2750-styles/logo-curved-hem-hipster-panty-pink?ProductID=289259&CatalogueType=OLS
-Racer-Back Bras: http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=958740514&MasterCategory_Id=MC13
-Dream Belly Butter: http://shop.pe/z5lgDT
-Mutter Oil: www.liebemutter.com
-Teami Tea: www.teamiblends.com (use code: AARYN for 10% off)
-Peaceful Mama Tea: www.bumpboxes.com
-Dream Angels Multi-Way Bra: www.victoriassecret.com


Bianka Bagley says:

oh my god when i.put mascara on there not ling or full any more before pregnancy they were great now that you say that I'm like ohhhh yeahh

Moonlady Soona says:

Yeah i knw u were hvng a girl

Amanda Portes says:

Just wanted to say your videos have been helping through my pregnancy . I have also gained 36 lbs at @ 27 weeks ! I'm not dwelling on it anymore ! I know after pregnancy I can get it off . The travel system I picked was Graco modes ! I haven't tooled it out the box yet .

Ashley Hopkins says:

same pregnant with a girl 28 weeks kicking a lot

AmyTerese says:

I'm 28 weeks today and have been watching your videos as I hit your milestones as well. I snapped you today as I watched this video on my Apple TV. :-) Being a single soon to be mother and doing this all myself can be so incredibly hard and lonely but watching your videos and snaps makes it easier to do. You are so encouraging and such a great momma. Xoxo I uploaded my baby girls nursery and new fall favorites video if you have the time to check them out I would love it. Keep up with what you do, Aaryn. ❤️

Lauren Brown says:

Aaryn! You just made my day. I am 28 weeks (baby girl is due Dec 6) and I weighed 161 at the dr yesterday. I almost cried right there. You look beautiful :) it encouraged me for sure!

Nuclear Vixen says:

Just curious, why do you consider the third trimester to start at 27 weeks?

Kevin B Costello says:

i love ur videos I just became 28weeks I love cuz u keep it 100

jj dani says:

You are so sweet! Love your vlogs

Lol I'm 27 weeks now and I considering it to be my 3rd trimester 😛

Nur Syahirah says:

Hi aaryn ! I just need to ask you something.. Is it normal for pregnant women eat every 1-2 hour? Because im having this problem..The doctor told me that im having stomach flu.. Have you been like this before?

Lindsay Cook says:

stretch marks can be hereditary. and i didn't have stretch marks till after i had my daughter, since your skin stretches out they are less visible, however normally when they are being stretched they turn pink

diarraleone says:

You're so beautiful!

Farah Khan says:

You look so pretty Aaryn. What I love about you is that you are honest about your weight gain and other issues during pregnancy. And you are right, this is the time to focus on making a healthy baby and later we can work out and shed that extra weight :) I am 28 weeks tomorrow with my second pregnancy :)

Faith Drew says:

Makeup tutorial on this look please! Your eyes and lips look amazing! Beautiful

Julissa Severino says:

You're so adorable. I came across your channel today and already subscribed. I'm already hooked!!! :)

Ayla Ranit says:

Love your lip color here!! Would you mind sharing the deets? You look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy with all of us!

Jessica Abel says:

What kind of eyebrow serum are you using because I need it. I once had full eyebrows and after having my daughter 9 years ago I did lose my eyebrows and eyelashes in a big way and they have not grown back. I account it to me being 37 yrs old when I had her-something to do with being an older mother and things just don't go back as easily as someone in their 20's. Thanks

Danielle Aldape says:

haha love the "top tier crap" terminology!

shaida issaee says:

great video again! we are like the exact same person lol i now weigh the same as you, just turned 28 weeks, i get nose bleeds, also feeling tired all of a sudden and having my first baby which is also a girl :-) i actually bought the Stokke Trailz pram, i love it so much. If you haven't bought a bath yet, we just got this baby spa one, it looks great, i even wanna get in it hehe heres the link if you wanna see…
Cant believe we are in our 3rd Trimester already, crazy stuff! Have a great week x

Victoria Wood says:

I'm 21 weeks and having a little girl too!! so excited! I also love your videos they're super useful :)

pinkmegan says:

You are so beautiful! I love watching these even though my hubby and I aren't pregnant yet. TTC is an annoying wait.

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