27 weeks pregnant belly

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Verdeliss says:

Eres un cielete, gracias por estar ahí y por todas tus palabras de cariño

Stephanie Ruiz says:

Omg your belly was so low.

Verdeliss says:

@missirrt9 Thanks so much 😉

missirrt9 says:

Very beautiful :) U have a gorgeous body:)

Verdeliss says:

No matter what´s your weight if you are healthy…

Verdeliss says:

Haha, that`s true!

Ju Peixoto says:

ela acha que tá bonita????

Verdeliss says:

@OurBabysBreath I am naturally thin…no exercise but a diabethic diet
during my pregnancy. Thanks so much for your interest!

Verdeliss says:

All of my three pregnancies I carried sooooo low. But thanks good they all
were born at full term 😉

HappyLovePeaceHope says:

pregnant again? you look good

Verdeliss says:

@HappyLovePeaceHope That´s a video form my third pregnancy…it was lost on
my computer LOL. Thanks so much for your comment!

Verdeliss says:

@jaimaaaona Thanks!

Raven Hartsoe says:

Omg your so tiny … But belly is huge . It’s crazy

lidia mendo says:

Desde q te encontré no he parado de ver los vídeos ya los vi todos :) estoy
esperando más jeje tienes una familia hermosa eres mi ejemplo a seguir
saludos desde north Carolina

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