27 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck

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my belly at 27 weeks,baby has had a growth spirt,belly has grown at last :) check out my blog


wavey1490 says:

no not atall my belly is still much tighter then after i had my last two

wavey1490 says:

hi bentlooha,thanks for your comment.you should go for it if thats what you
truely want.people tried to stop me telling me the tummy tuck would be a
waste of money but having a another child is all i want,theres nothing
stopping me from having another tt oneday(when i can afford it)and having a
baby now just feels right.tummy’s alot tighter this time round but that was
to be expected.i’ll keep posting and keep you updated.x

SamathaVSantiago says:

Question, did they remove your bellybutton when you got the tummy tuck?

aracely arambula says:

omg but dont people have to wait certain time to get pregnant again at
least 3 years let me know thansk

SavedByGrace71910 says:

@SamathaVSantiago They dont remove your belly button they cut around it and
pull your skin down and then cut a new hole and suture your bellybutton to
your skin.

tammyann15 says:

cute tummybutton.

wavey1490 says:


kristenf2007 says:

congrats on the little one ;0) do you feel like you’ve wasted your money
seeing that you are now pregnant?

lucy4211 says:

good luck

Lizzy T says:

That sucks have a tummy tuck and than get prgo again that sucks but a baby
is a blessing oh well what do u do right :)

bentlooha says:

Hi, Thank you so much for posting:) I also had a tummy tuck and am
considering getting pregnant and am very nervous. Please keep posting, I
would love to see how you progress and how you are doing. You look great
and congratulations :)

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