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MzVan21 says:

what week did you give birth?

Ashley Correia says:

You are so sweet. Your videos always put me in a good mood :) have a wonderful day!

The Friend Family says:

I just can't get enough of your vlog! When I catch up it's going to be so hard not to lay in bed each night and watch a new video! Side question, what kind of camera do you use? We are looking to buy a camera to use as a family camera before we go on our honeymoon and the one you have seems to have great clarity and effective to carry around! Thanks for the videos! 

Rachel GD (Georgie) says:

Can you do a baby room tour soon? :) I can't wait to see the twins!

Natalie Moore says:

I'm in the same mode..I'm like early nesting and I'm only 17 weeks..because I know things can slow down significantly during the third tri..I'm like focused…and this is my second pregnancy and first twin prg…but I have found the most important goal is really focusing on God and his Word. Thanks for the vid. God bless you and family.

Breeana Mcgrath says:

Do you know the genders to the babys??

Destiny and Michelle's Vlogs says:

Wow this was such a great video! Congratulations on 3,000 subscribers and 26 weeks! This was a very sweet video!!! Hope your third trimester is going well so far!! And see you next week!!! <3

sincerestAffect says:

I'm 24 weeks pregnant with our first baby (it's a boy and he is measuring at 26 weeks!), and I have been watching your videos since you first started! :) It's so amazing to be able to watch you throughout your pregnancy, and compare pregnancy symptoms, and I just really love your videos! Can't wait to see your babies!

Dorothy Dillingham says:

I have set some goals for myself as well in these last 8-10 weeks of my pregnancy. I want to exercise more, but it's so hot to walk during the day that I have started getting up at 6am to go walking before my husband leaves for work, that way even though my 13 month old is still sleeping there is still someone with her at home. I also am going to dive into an extensive deep cleaning list I made to give my house a thorough going over before this little one arrives. The most important goal is to be more consistent and intentional in my reading of God's Word and other books. I want to get into a good habit of having a quiet time now, before things get crazier with two little ones running around. I cannot be a good mother if I am not feeding myself daily from God's Word. :-)

Cheryl Love says:

Love it! :) Keep up the goal making while you can, heehee. :) If you haven't read it yet, I recommend 'The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy'. Very practical but funny. :) And for birthing classes, I'd recommend taking classes on the Bradley Method. I found it very, very benifical for when I had my daughter. I love watching you, you're so beautiful, inside and out. I hope everything keeps going well for you.

Henrieta Milan says:

when i started to subscribe on your channel, i didn't know that i was already pregnant that time after a couple of weeks when i had my first PREGNANCY TEST, it was POSITIVE and i was so happy during that time, it was april 30, 2014…. now, im 3 months pregnant, but just last night i was rushed to the hospital coz i had spot.. and the OB-GYNE told my that im in my critical stage of pregnancy and my baby dont have any heart beat :( i really cried to much, and get scared.. this is my first baby…. it shows in the ultrasound that there's blood inside and surrounds my baby, i dont know whats the medical term for that…. i had blood tests last night, coz my baby's size was only 0.36 cm… she advice me to have bed rest for one week and we'll have follow up up next week… according to the doctor it was too small for three months.. :( and just early this morning she called me and confirmed that im still on my 6 weeks of pregnancy and i don't know how it happens…. :( i keep on praying to OUR LORD GOD to help me and my baby, all i need now is a great miracle…..  please help me to pray, MS. NAT……  :( thanks and GOD BLESS YOU…

Jeeni Salcedo says:

Best Part of my week seeing you posted a new update!! I love watching these videos I'm so excited for you and your family what a blessing two beautiful healthy boys 

Monika Krzywik says:

Hi Nat,
Same symptoms here, just got bit bigger then you, anyway being in constantly pain is not to easy, you are doing great. such a strong woman you are! Im getting bit depressed these days.
Talking about exercises I can still do this prenatal yoga session Prenatal Yoga with Lara Dutta – Routine maybe you can try it too. I have a feeling that it helps my ribs and back. 

Love your goals! Youre looking beautiful!

Stacia Hite says:

I love your videos best wishes!!! My aunt had 2 sets of twins within 3 years of each other and she is like my role model soo yeah you're beautiful again best wishes

Mathew Horner says:

The child birth class really helped, I was like you I didn't want to take one, but I'm so glade I did. Me and my husband took one three weeks ago and it was the best decision we made. The class gave us so much information and some really good tips on what to expect during labor, as how to manage labor pains with different techniques. It also answered some questions we we're wondering about. I enjoy watching your videos, and also like how you are setting goals.

Lord bless you and your family

Angela Puccini (ThePucciniFamily) says:

I just wanted to tell you I'm 17 weeks pregnant with twin boys, I've been doing as much shopping on yard sale sites and thrift stores :) I was wondering I don't know if you've ever talked about this but do you plan on cloth diapering or disposable? I love you blog and love hearing all your inspiring words! :) 

Babygoodwin says:

What wonderful goals you have set for yourself! Can't wait to see your nursery reveal!

Eunice Orellana says:

I'm soo happy for you guys you guys are truly blessed yet alone one baby is a blessing now two is beyond!!:)). Congrats! Sending alot of blessings to you and your lil family:)

Angie Sample says:

Great update!  Ur such an amazing women, u will be a great mom. 

Sara Dowd says:

I love your videos so much! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!!! I love how you are setting goals for each trimester! One you may want to add is spending lots of intentional, quality time with your husband before the babies get here :-) I am praying for you to have a safe delivery when the time comes!!!

Cassandra Crittenden says:

I just started watching your videos this week congrats on twins. It took me 3 days to catch up to now… lol… I love you and your positivity. I couldn't imagine twins lol… My prayers are with you and your husband may God bless you and your boys with an easy and natural delivery! Congrats again on your pregnancy… I'm excited to see what the boys look like! (Ps I watch kasidees videos too I think that's how I found your channel she's adorable as well) 

ciara white says:

Ur belly is so cute, im excited to see them, 10 or 8 weeks left x

Lauren AG says:

I'm 11 how many trimesters are there mad how long?

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