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Here is my pregnancy update! I talk about my symptoms, weight gain, cravings, maternity buys, baby clothes, and belly shot!
Baby moving in belly at 25 weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGdfIUCkVEU
Gifts from the World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysIqw88ldFQ

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Judy how tall are you? please reply

Stephanie B says:

7:53 lol

E Alaniz says:

Aww judy this is so amazing, i love yall!

reeflovers says:

Just wanna say I love your videos! It’s neat to see how things are coming
along in your pregnancy. I lost my second baby recently and you and I would
have been due around the same time.. My husband and I plan to try again
next year. I’m hoping it’ll work out third time around! But congrats to you
both and keep those videos comin! :)

tmathersforever says:

I’m having a girl too :) sweets are all i crave

mericampos says:

Judy ur gaining a lot of weight.. Stop eating the sweets lol

MissElizahbeth says:

Hi Judy! If its ok with you I would like to give you a tip. If you are
planning on breast-feeding your baby Julianna you try to avoid using
pacifiers during the first month of life. They can confuse the baby. The
pacifier stimulates hormones that make baby think she is full when in
reality she has not breast fed during that period of time.

Liane Arandia says:

Somtimes I feel like we (youtube) is apart of judy’s life. Like really, if
youtube was a person we would be holding your hand through the pregnancy.
With Benji of course!

Theprettymomof2 says:

Ur belly luks really cute …

mylife1909 says:

aww your so cute!! :) am also 26 weeks :) when r u due?:) and i have gained
16 pounds to lol..

Raveena Bhakta says:

me too! lol (:

rosebud066 says:

Cannot wait to see baby Julianna!

punkgothichick1307 says:

whats the line for??

Grace Cyr says:

I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!! and…. you! :)

maylinc08 says:

What does the line being visible mean?

Megs Alexander says:

careful on the chocolate girl!

Maggie A says:

Looking amazing <3 !!!

MakeupByLaurenn says:

smelling bleach is really, really bad for you. Especially when you’re

TheBabyLady69 says:

@valeria casablanca I think she has been good with her weight

vi3t123bby says:

My muffin top is bigger than your belly. Excuse me as I go cry. LOL

MsImpressMe says:

Judy, i’m almost 35 weeks pregnant, also expecting a baby girl <3 , so
funny i also eat a lot of watermelon!! can’t get enough of it. and the last
couple of weeks i’m also looving chocolate! eating it right now hihi. I had
a good pregnancy untill the last 2/3 weeks, i’m very tired, getting
practice contractrions now, so it’s getting a little bit harder now. I will
send you soon a private link so you can see my girl moving, she’s moving
also a lot :) little dancers they will be hihi

Jean Fisackerly says:

For body acne try a facial acne scrub that is what i used when my chest
breaks out and it works for me. I use Clean and Clear Acne Scrub.

TheLuckyduck99 says:

Why do pregnant women have that line?

MsAlvarez07 says:

What is the line for ?? Can’t wait to meet baby Julianna :)

nychelena says:

Judy, you look so beautiful with the belly. I’d like to know what kind of
products you are using for moisturizing your belly and other areas in your
body in order to prevent stretch marks?

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