26 weeks pregnancy update 6 months

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What i’m using to prevent stretch marks.

114 weight at 23 weeks…

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mamacitaz y santoz says:

Nice review I’m due with baby #2=) February 23rd 2015 with a baby girl!

Alfredo Rodriguez says:

You are so beautiful .

Kamal Gharti says:

o I am so happy I am going on dad few month later ………… thanks for

JazzyyAmorr Lopez says:

Im due June 28 :))

maryg1277 says:

Your so adorable.

mortiz12102 says:

Aww. Your belly is so cute! Your so a beautiful person and have a great
attitude. Thanks for all the videos you make and being so real.

Adriana Luna says:


Kaitlyn Nicolee says:

Are you taking prenatal pills?

viejonas1 says:

awwww super mega

makenzie bedolla says:

no comas sea food es malo algunas comidas tiene mercurio!!! le piede hacer
daño a tu bebe :) saludos

Adriana Luna says:

thank you :)

Sarahi Banegas says:

Aww how cute!! Love ur belly

brittmor12 says:

God bless you and your family! You r a pretty prego :) ..HAPPYYY
BIRTTHHHDAAAYYY i know its tmw but i just wanted to tell you early.

Adriana Luna says:

100…. yo no subo mucho… tengo un fast metabolism

Senita Chambly says:

You are so beautiful

Adriana Luna says:

omg i need to buy one lol.!!! :) but i sure will

Adriana Luna says:


Adriana Luna says:

you can always email me :) ill try to help u out in some way i can.

Angela Nicole xo says:

ah carlos adrian is a cute name!!

katiekate says:

wow, im 27 weeks now and due end June early July. my stomach is jus like
yours i thot maybe it was too much but im glad to know im not alone, no
stretch marks for me too and im kiping my fingers crossed. My prob though
is i crave junk food and i know its nt good, any healthy eating tips?

ssjffr15 says:

Such a beautiful belly mashallah

Fatima Alvarado says:

And since we aren’t too far apart I figured I’d ask you. Oh before I forget
my man was watching the video with me and when you mentioned your daughter
he Asked if I had gotten my daughters name from you. Lolz our daughters
name is Natalie also and she will be my first baby as well. Oh where did
you get your pants? They are cute and look comfy.

krissy austin says:

My birthday is March 31 I turned 23 I’m having a girl due on July 29 th

ShopTillYouDrop15 says:

Ur seriously so pretty!! :) congrats on ur bby :)

sel12omarb9 says:

Such a cute belly!

AKMoreno22 says:

can u please do whats on my hospital bag?

Angela Nicole xo says:

ah happy birthday!! Hope its the best one ever!!

Adriana Luna says:

thank you .. it is.. i will have my daughter and my lil man by my side :)

viejonas1 says:

aww super mega cute pansita & you are

Negle Lir says:

What a beautyfull belly!!!!!! :-)

Claudia Vargas says:

I’m due July 2nd and i love your pregnancy videos they really help me a lot

Cassandra Ramirez says:

that is the cutest little belly (:

deezterz1313 says:

I need to know where u r getting your pants!! I love everything you wear.

Ada Ruiz says:

Congrats!!! you look really good!!

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