24 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck in 2008

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TheMJD100 says:

You look great! Thanks again for posting! Im with the other girls. You dont
look big at all. Super cute!

81mommyofthree says:

Thanks Dorman! Congrats to you!

Doreen Krause says:

wow, you are really looking good. I hope that you are still doing well,
especially the little one. Now I know that I am pregnant too, week 4 so
still very early. My tt was Oct. 2008, but I am so afraid of complications
now and my belly feels so tight that I hardly can image a baby would have
enough space.but i am so thankful for sharing your experiences with us,
that’s encouraged me. if you want you could write on my private email
account …krause.mba@gmail.com. ALL the BEST :)

TheMAMAB123 says:

You look great!!!

Kellawanda says:

You look great :) Thanks again for posting these.

81mommyofthree says:

Thanks ladies duejuly thanks it is in my boobs, butt, and thighs, my boobs
like to get huge while pregnant and breastfeeding and I hate it because
they get so stretched out when the milk is gone. That is where the weight
is I swear at least 5lb of it, they have grown two sizes already and the
milk isn’t here yet, yikes. I am hungry all the time too :)

Brenda Loblein says:

You still don’t even look pregnant! I don’t know where you are putting the
weight but you look great! I am right along with you on the weight gain
still (170 @ 21 weeks)…but I am definitely showing. I am working
out,(keeping it less intense than usual) but eating a lot- I am so hungry
all the time.

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