24 weeks Pregnant.6 Months!/Belly shot

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forgot to mention, I’ve been having right hip pain, slightly Anemic, and lighting crotch!

yay for 6 months preggers!

In this video I just talk about how I’ve been feeling the past week and show my baby bump.


stan welling says:

You’re hot, that belly just adds to the beauty

sassyassxxx83 says:

November 6th 2012

elizabethxoxo5 says:

Also named donna, also 24 weeks!!

OurLittleBfamily says:

lol talking about having trouble shaving and using a mirror. lol soo
funny!!! I thought that the other day and was like what the hell am I going
o do when I cant reach her? lol

Jlamont76 says:

very cute

Silvia Lopez says:

hey i know this video is supper old lol but who cares right um im 24 week
expecting another girl :) but see idk why with this one i have redd red
streckmarks lol theyre really bad i never had one with my 1st! did u use
any lotion ?

sassyassxxx83 says:

hey!! wow we are real close… and omg shaving.. its getting pretty outta
hand!! LOL!

sassyassxxx83 says:


Tyler Bivens says:

when are you due

Amber Harrell says:

New to your vlogs :) I’ve been having the same problem with shaving!! And I
keep thinking it’s only going to get worse!! Also, I’m due nov. 11, so
right behind you. I’m having my first, and it’s a boy. What are you having??

Amber Harrell says:

… and crazy, I had a miscarriage last march, so my rainbow baby too :)
I’m so excited! Going to watch your other videos so disregard my last
question :)

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