24 weeks Pregnant (6 MONTHS) + Baby Belly ❤

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I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
– 1 Samuel 1:27
♡Our Pregnancy Announcement Baby#3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FctggaCV7to&feature=share&list=UUZTEFsaXwVWHwKUy1uiSfRg
♡Gender Reveal Party Baby#3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6MqhzHdIZg&list=UUZTEFsaXwVWHwKUy1uiSfRg&index=52


BeautyStar4EVER13 says:

I used to alway get bloody noses! I would recommend keeping lots of tissues
with you (duh) and buying a saline based nasal mist and saline nasal gel.
Talk to a pharmacicst and they will show you where to find it. Also try a
netty pot from walgreens they help sinus infections so much!

m'f amanda says:

Your still not that big your going to be really tiny.

MEGAyum9 says:

How many weeks are there to go?

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you! Dont you just love it? Its an awesome phone!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

I know right, its funny..I feel much bigger because Im not use to it but I
know for an average person I am small :)

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you so much!! <3

Cassie Valdez says:

Your eyes are so bright & beautiful! Your baby bump is so wittle looking
good (:

Tiffany Kayxo says:

thank you :))

Tiffany Kayxo says:

yeah Ive heard about that, we did watch something scary on tv so Im
thinking thats why I had that awful nightmare, it was awful! I hate having
dreams and nightmares because Im not in control of what is going on :/

Tiffany Kayxo says:

awe yay! Congrats to you! And I cant wait for the 26th to hurry and get
here 😀

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you!!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

I actually had to have sinus surgery done 3 years ago, I have stuff from
the doctor already :))

Rau Indo says:

you are soooooo sexy ,,God blessed you with that body

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Im guessing 14 :))

MultiLuvSunshine says:

Didn’t last year your hubby spoiled you a ton on valentines day? Cause I
saw that video you did last year.

prettypixiedust666 says:

sometime we dream aboiut the last thing we think of or something that has
happened to us in the past or on tv. also youre more likely to have a
nihgtmare if your room is cold. but still i always wake up crying!!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Nope, some of my family does :)

Rau Indo says:

the eye lashes are pretty :)

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Omg!! Waffles, waffles, waffles 😀

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Yes he sure did! He always spoils me, im a lucky girl, he is just such a
thoughtful man! Im soooo excited for spa time this weekend, he is the best !

MultiLuvSunshine says:

I love your top! I have the iPhone 5 too.

Paula Rosario says:

I’m having my first ultrasound the 26th as well according to the nurse that
scheduled the appointment I’m about 6 or so weeks and omgg the queasiness
is full throttle!

Jen220307 says:

I’ve been craving waffles & clementines!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

We will see 😀

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you Christa! <3

mike4369 says:


Tiffany Kayxo says:

Awe thank you! 😀

Christa Cox says:

You look so cute!!

TheAngiebaby89 says:

do u live in new mexico?????

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