23 Weeks Update+Baby Kicks & Belly Shot

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Tiffany & Jaiden
P.O. Box 1749
Petersburg, Va 23805

Watch this video to see some footage of Jaidens Kicks!! 😉

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TiffanyDarlyn

Pregnany photoshoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI0SWz9BIuc


quaneishia goode says:

i hope u did good on ur exams i kno how stressful they can be….also i
wish u the best with ur pregnancy

ashley says:

Lol , I love hoe you put jaiden in the air at 5:47 -5:48

Renita Jones says:

maybe you should get him a necklace(like one of those military/dog tag type
of necklaces) that he can wear when he gets older instead

crazy4corbinbleux says:

your pregnant with dat fine boy!

Mariah Makenzie says:


Daily Davidsons says:

@missbaraki4lyfe well dang! Im SUPPERR jealous! you must be REALLY small,
how much did you weigh before you were preggo?

Babygurl20336 says:

He’s gonna be freshhh! lol

SimplyLetitaaa says:

My thought on the bracelet is no, it’s not too girly… it’s “tradition” in
my family that my mother buys all the grandbabies in the family their baby
bracelet with their name on it… BOYS included (-:

New_beginningz says:

you actually have 4 months left pregnancy is 40 weeks which is 10 months
but most people say 36 weeks and you can deliver but its truely 40 weeks to
make a full term baby i see you wear your hair straight alot are you gonna
wear your hair in its natural state and how do you think your hair has
changed since being pregnant

chans savilay says:

My baby is due this Sept 03rd! It’s a Boy. Yay!

Londonminor says:

Congratulations Hun….I so remember then days lol only I had a girl!

Hello Mamma says:

Congrats on your pregnancy, I also just turned 23 weeks and it seems to go
by so fast.. thats a good thing 😀 great video!

tracymarie22 . says:

Aww so cute and yay for the po box for sure sending you guys something…

flauwsie says:

my baby name is gonna be jaidyynn

Lisa Hofmann says:

My sister got both her boys bracelets when they were babies and it was
adorable. :)

MJFanz411 says:

you should look into the Your Baby Can Read thing, i see it on tv, and
people teach their kids to read with it, and i’ve even seen like 6 month
olds do it. you should really try it

Daily Davidsons says:

@MrsEssra aww Im so sorry to hear that hun! ;-/

Daily Davidsons says:

@TheUniqueGemini awww yay! thanks definitely record and post a video
response if you do 😉

Daily Davidsons says:

@Atlfinest06 thank u girl and Im going to try my best to keep it together!

brianna richardson says:

oh snap! you live in petersburg! i used to live there when i was little but
now i live in chesterfield! but im going back to petersburg for college
next year!

Daily Davidsons says:

@OneSexyC lol YESS every time I pick a polo outfit i think of Tj in it and
thats how I determine if i like it or not lol

detphemale says:

How cute! I’m so excited and happy for you!

Daily Davidsons says:

@haitianbeauty92 lmao! i know, but thats what the app on my phone says lol!!

dreavlogs says:

I like how you manage to keep urself looking pretty by doing ur makeup,
wearing cute clothes, and keeping ur belly rings in. When I was pregnant I
was a hot ass mess, didn’t do my hair, no makeup, granny clothes, just a

June James says:

You’re so cute. Finally we can see you’re pregnant. Hugs sweetie

naw hanson says:

@TiffanysVLogs great ! youre pretty much set then. lol, im super excited
for you. idk why…..but i am. i wish you the absolute best tiffany, i
really do 😀

Momma_4Life says:

I’m due Aug 23rd I’m 24 weeks now!!

Daily Davidsons says:

@200pyt lmaooo this made me laugh out loud! lol okay okay ill get him one
since EVERYONE pretty much said it was okay and not feminine! 😉

Ashley Flowers says:

i stay in North Carolina now; I visit VA often though. My family is from

gaby3672 says:

when u have ur baby ur life is gonna change completely.

caro bree says:

you shud get him the baby name bracelet i dont think its feminine at ALL!
its soo adorable on boys & girls cus there little arms are soo small and
chunky the bracelet is just perfect :)

Daily Davidsons says:

@mzlangston20 aww lol thanks girl!!! 😉

tracymarie22 . says:

Oh and the bracelet is fine my nephew has one he’s three months

Daily Davidsons says:

@nikirylee yep i take prenatal vitamins everyday

Brea_Sings25 says:

and I just realized that you and my cousin have the same baby name shes due
sometime this month and she spells it Ja’den.

xMagNiFiQue says:

I think the bracelet would be cute

MeMyselfMartini says:

the kicks were soooo cute, it must feel so weird but so nice at the same
time :) im planning on sending you something so look out for it, will
message you when I do :) you look glowing Tiff! Really beautiful :) i love
the books you bought him, he’s going to be a happy baby :) lots of love xxxx

Daily Davidsons says:

@HairClothesLipgloss lol I know hes in my uterus I just say stomach just
because, lmao 😉

PeaceLoveNya22 says:

i say that with the bracelet you should get something more boyish like
leather instead of chain lolz idk and i love you tiffany and good luck with
the new baby!!!!!!

jamaicancewtie5 says:

omg that is soo crazy ive never seen a baby kick before. its so weird but
amazing at the same time

saldecoa17 says:

congrats on being six month i am finally on my 7 month i feel like i been
on six month forever but i am happy cuz i am close to the finish line i
know u r happy u r also close to the finish line congrats

Daily Davidsons says:

@MissShanese lol yea it is but thats what my phone says! sooo im 22 weeks
and 7 days today and then 23 weeks tomorrow according to the app! hahaah I
dunno! its weird

Justina Boone says:

the bracelet wouldnt be feminine sis <3

MsStarsx10 says:

I love the baby kicks! I recorded my son’s kicks too! And keep reading
books to him. Start now so he can hear your voice when you read. I did that
for my son and kept doing it. He’s two now and he LOVES books! Just got him
his own bookshelf too and now he can read his name and a couple other
words. Just work with him and he will be fine :-)

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