23 Weeks Pregnant + tummy (C-section skin to skin)

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This is my 23 week pregnancy vlog update. I visit the doctor. There is audio and boring video, but you won’t believe that my doctor says about my c-section request!

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jgranster says:

That’s awesome that your ob was onboard with skin to skin following a
cesarean. I received a different response from my doctor :-(

jgranster says:

@breanneshop52 I am so happy your ob said yes. Make sure you spread the
word that skin to skin can happen with a cesarean!

ftbomh says:

I’m so glad she said it will be okay to do! yaaaay baby betsy! I can’t wait

HiNoon says:

Oh I’m so sorry they wouldn’t let you! I was honestly so surprised she said
yes. I hope it all happens according to plan, but I know too that any birth
experience is met with the unexpected. One obstacle at a time :)

HiNoon says:

It made me happy

HiNoon says:

OH thank you so much! And thanks for watching :)

HiNoon says:

Ha! Thanks for watching :-)

lindaclaudette says:

Even though she said it should be ok, be prepared to be a little forceful
with the staff. I hope you get to do it. Thank God for facebook and youtube
or I’d never see you! :-)

HiNoon says:

I will remind them of course :) Luckily my dr is on my side.

Amber Harrell says:

It’s funny when I see a pregnancy vlog from you because I always forget
watching your other videos, especially since I started watching because of
the pregnancy. :)

HiNoon says:

I’m going to try. Any ideas on how to get it out there? Maybe I can make a
video just saying that piece?

jgranster says:

@breanneshop52 I would definitely recommend your ob and hospital, if I were
you…give them recognition for their wonderful support. maybe a website
like Drmomma.org would enjoy your story :-)

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