21 Weeks Pregnant & My BELLY & Life Update!!!

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I know this is what you guys have been waiting for! Should explain a bit here, but if you have any questions just post them below :)

As SOON as I get a chance I have LOTS of videos coming, so prepare for a feed overload!


Kristal Rogers says:

I am wanting to ask how you knew you were pregnant with Joseph. Did you
have that tugging feeling? Was you sex drive higher like it was with James?

Angela In Mamaland says:

What are 3 similarities and 3 differences between the two pregnancies?
(Emotionally/ physically or otherwise) (Yaay!)

Lisa MarieTTC says:

So excited for you and alex and james! Hope you guys are all doing well!

treemama meg says:

Sew those pants for him, woman! 😉 With your snazzy electric free sewing

Carrie In OKC says:

Love your videos! ♥

cristiana nechita says:

It looks like your hair gets curly again with this pregnancy? :)

elizhope says:

Yay for more videos! :) I have tons of questions! LOL Would love to see a
James update. (When did he start walking, are you still breastfeeding, are
you still cloth diapering, are you still bedsharing, his favorite things,
etc) Oh and also: Are you going to do James L/D story for us now? Did you
officially pass the “must have c-section” date with this new pregnancy or
are you going to try for the home birth again? GENDER GENDER GENDER! lol :)
What else… hmm… Oh, are you going to wait to tell us the name until
birth again? Is the nursery getting put together yet? How many sonograms
have you had, how is baby growing, etc.

22ANewBeginning47 says:

Love the belly!

penguintastic says:

james 2 .. lol how cute

allie dane says:

James 2 would mean Boy right?!!

Sarah Smith says:

Are you going to do a name reveal after the gender reveal? 

MyBoysMyJoys says:

ahh!! Can’t wait for your other videos and can’t wait to hear the gender!!

Faith Lyons says:

my birthday is April 11 also. im so excited for you, congrats!!!!!!!

JennysFamily says:

Tina, I’m super way behind on my youtube videos (two kids + single mom =
crazy busy) but so, so happy for you & Alex!! :) By the way, I LOVE your
hair! You’re just gorgeous 😉 

Kayla Follett says:

Congratulations Tina!!! You and I are due on the same day, how exciting! 

Nate Johnson says:

Hey Tina. Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I discovered you
the week she first announced her pregnancy and I can say that you and Alex
are the only couple we feel like we have anything in common with. So
ignore crappy comments and know that we love you guys. Also, my wife is
due approx. 3 days after you, so you and my wife are both pregnant! Very

Jheimy Infante says:

Can’t wait to see all your videos!! You look beautiful and your hair is
looking amazing !!! I still think Alex revealed the sex of the baby already

Maggie Nolan says:

I’m so happy for you guys! I wish we had the weekly vlogs like last time
though! I’ve been following your videos for about a year and I feel like I
practically know you guys. Can’t wait for more videos <3

liz alcala says:

Gosh I.miss your vlogs dude!!!!thank God your Back!!!! 

Tayonna says:

i’ve spent all night watching your videos, and I am due April 15th so
that’s exciting :) 

Mikaela Jane says:

Congrats! I am due with a baby boy April 16th :)

Jasmine Goodman-Cooper says:


xxrobandlizxx says:

Such a cute bump! I would really like to know how Your First trimester was
this time around. I remember with James it was not far from awful 😉 

Kelly Mrsmommy says:

So excited for you! Just found out that I’m pregnant with #3 so I’m excited
to follow your journey as I go through mine! Congrats! 

Alexandra Eleventhing says:

I think its a girl! So exciting, Tina! 

chubbypoptart says:

omg you are so tiny….what are you talking about “love handles” ???

allison mckaig says:

Are you having a vbac?

Callie N says:

What was your weight before and now?

missrandom1122 says:

I think girl! I come from a Mexican family and most women in small towns of
Mexico go through their pregnancy without ever visiting a doctor. So my mom
and aunts are good with telling what a pregnant women is having according
to how they looked before and after. And they have told me that with girl
pregnancies a women gets fuller and gains weight. So Tina it’s a girl! I am
almost 100% sure lol 

simplymevlogtv says:

Congrats!!! I love your videos.

VeganYogaMama says:

Are you planning a v-bac? I remember you wanted a home birth last time but
things didn’t play out that way. Are you able to attempt a home birth the
2nd time? I always ask myself will I try for another home birth-I think I

Rachie Pie says:

Was not expecting you to be so far along. I’m due 3 days before you :)
I’d like to know how come you waited so long and also a brief recap of
symptoms :)
Can’t wait for the next update :)

Mary Karl says:

Can you do a cloth diapering update? Are you planning on continuing with
that once life settles down a bit? Also can you do a pregnancy vlog with
the symptoms for the first half of your pregnancy and maybe compare it your
pregnancy with James? My little girl is 4 months old and I followed all of
your vlogs with James and I’m so excited for you now. Sincerely, a fellow

breahna cullen says:

Wow so I didn’t even think you were that far along. I was thinking like oh
shes like 10 weeks or something haha guess I was wrong! I am super excited
that you will be doing another pregnancy vlog. I can’t wait to hear all
about baby number two. I can’t really narrow down my questions because
there are so many 😛 so i’ll just have to wait and see what you post in
your videos.

kayli jimenez says:

boy or girl im dying please tell us soon

waittingformybaby says:

Had u gotten ur cycle back? Did u do anything different we were pregnant
together for our first pregnancy and I’m still missing my 15 month old and
no cycle back yet I really want baby #2

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