21 Weeks Pregnant Belly shot!

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Alaina Nicole says:

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Kayla N Baby says:

my daughters name is alaina nicole :) she was born march 28th :)

Alaina Nicole says:

Aww congratulations :) And I’m due December 30th

Alaina Nicole says:

Oh wow! how weird? Alaina isn’t too common as it is, especially spelt and
pronounced the way it is.

gemmavaughan1 says:

When are you due I’m due January 2nd with my #2 boy

Brittany McKee says:

How is old you?

Brittany McKee says:

I can’t wait see my friend Anna is 22 and Summer 20 have a baby due on
December 16th and September 25th(:

Alaina Nicole says:

that’s nice :) hopefully it all goes well for them!

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