21 Weeks Pregnant & Belly Shot!

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Can’t believe I’m already this far! Enjoy (: Also I forgot to say I have been having headaches!


I’m having a girl! Click on the link below to guess my baby’s weight, length, date, and time! Just go to the website and on the left hand corner enter “britneyandbaby” then just click “Enter a guess” , and have fun guessing!
Go to: http://www.expectnet.com/index.php

I was- 8 lbs 3.7 oz and 20 1/2″ long
Ean was- 4 lbs 14 oz and 20″ long


Unknown says:

How often do you use your doppler? I researched and saw that you’re only
supposed to use it 3 times a week & I didnt know if that was true

carriemeawaytoday says:

Ur bump is getting better, yayyy

Amy McCreery says:

You’ve come so far. <3

Cynthia Gamez says:

So now that i’m 21wks (wit my 1st) I’m looking back on ur vlogs:)

britneyandbaby says:

@Britster03 hmm probably at least twice a week, not sure though! sometimes
more than others, do you know why your only suppose to use it 3 times a

britneyandbaby says:

@ellie5way aww thanks!

britneyandbaby says:

@2011MommyofGracie yes we did(:

dashpash says:

you might be able to sign up for general delivery at the post office
instead of getting a po box if you say you’re in between addresses?
“General Delivery In medium to large cities with multiple ZIP Codes, you’ll
want to make sure senders use the ZIP Code for the area’s main Post Office.
The ZIP+4 extension 9999 indicates general delivery.

britneyandbaby says:

@thedodgefamily yes they are, i love it! 😀 and thanks!

Ellie Bee says:

I’m glad everything is going well for you! Your bump is so cute!

britneyandbaby says:

@Britster03 oh gotcha! that’s interesting, thanks for sharing(: and your

mommywifelife says:

I watched this when your first posted but i’m 21 weeks now with my second
so i like to go back and watch your pregnancy videos each week. It’s so fun
to look back and see how big Aria is now!

Annabel Jones says:

I think it’s just so cool that you post video’s every week, and to see if
Pregnant women are having some of the same symptoms as you are the same
week and to progress with you each week. Great idea, and thank you for your
support for other teen pregnancies. I’m not a pregnant teen, but I do think
that what your doing is fantastic, and that every child is a gift from GOD!
😀 Amen. :) And no matter if your a pregnant teen or an adult, God still
loves you. Have a blessed week, and Aria is adorable!

britneyandbaby says:

I agree with you 100% Thank you so much <3

britneyandbaby says:

@carriemeawaytoday i knoww! im so excited that im getting my bump! 😀

bianca scott says:

Did you and Ean work things out? That’s really great!!

thedodgefamily says:

Aren’t baby kicks just the best thing in the world?! It’s my favorite part
of being pregnant for sure! Happy 21 weeks to you!!

britneyandbaby says:

@dashpash I might look into that(: Thanks!

britneyandbaby says:

I really have!

Unknown says:

@britneyandbaby They said that to hear the heartbeat, the doppler sends off
waves to the baby which isn’t good for the baby, but research shows that no
baby has been effected by it. But I know some girls that used their doppler
everyday and have healthy babies. I was just wondering how often you used
yours so thanks :)

mayychicka101 says:

In what video did you tell arias name

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