21 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck

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Had a full tummy tuck in 2007. This is my 3rd pregnancy but first after the TT. I seem alot bigger than other women who have had a TT and have posted videos on here. Im expanding as normal


carinacrolla says:

Yeah thats what I thought so I decided to blog my experience as it seems
different to all others ive seen. Next one will be posted next week with
more details of my personal experiences

lauryte08 says:

Hi, you look great! A bit bigger then other girls that I seen preg after tt
but still:) ps: your tattoo is gorgeous!!! good luck! keep posting:)

Amy Lynn says:

I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my 3rd too after having a TT 5 years ago….I
think I’m carrying a little bigger too…..but were all different! Its
funny though in the morning my belly is nearly flat.

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