21-22 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Sheresse Williams says:

You look so pretty! I hope everything goes well with the rest of your

Satrina Baynard says:

Your are adorable

MissCarter78 says:

You look really pretty!!!

princess nora says:

you are glowing!

KeKesLifestyle says:

you look so beautiful :) i didnt do classes but it would be a good bond for
you and emmanuel! send me your info so i can send you a gift

Crystal Danielle says:

thanks girl, that is very sweet!

naturalyblessed says:

My baby shower is April 20th!! Congrats

iesha Renee' says:

your gorgeous!!

Bunny Davis says:

I took the childbirth class with both of my kids I just like the experience
and the information each one was different. You look so cute Crystak

MrsCiaraRae says:

your so cute! <3

kia henry says:

you look adorable

KokoGigglesLots says:

Make sure to moisturize your belly with some cocoa butter or olive oil
because as the skin stretches it will start to itch and scratching will
make marks. :)

Ariel Burrell says:

Yes, the classes are very helpful. I delivered at Baylor Frisco and we took
like 5 classes.

Crystal Danielle says:

aww what are you having?

PrettyMeDown says:

Hey Girl love your videos!!! What kind of camera do you use?

WizwiththaSiz says:

Aww your soo cute!!! I’m so happy and excited for your and Eman!! Congrats
again girl!! :)


You look adorable!

Adrienne2321 says:

next time you get sick take some father john’s its natural and it works
very good

DeMetria Hudson says:

You are going to be such a good mother, you are like the big sister I never
had. Thanks for being such a positive, beautiful woman, and also having the
energy to do these videos. I’m praying for you and baby Christian

Taniqua Natchez says:

awww april 21 is my bday!

Jazzy Jay says:

I enjoyed taking the child birth classes very informative and interesting!
Especially for 1st time mommies!

Kelsee Briana Jai says:

You look beautiful!!! You’re going to be a great mommy!!!

TheToristeve says:

That hair is GOOD

naturalminnie says:

Your belly is so cute

lydia gonzalez says:

Congratz hun I’m pregnant 2 I’m 20 weeks

msevans8733 says:

you sorry about tha but I got stretch marks in my last trimester just in
the front, but I used Bio oil and its clearing up… Also those classes
dont really help, had really awesome nurses abd doctor so they basically
guided me through…. Good luck

kia henry says:

I did the class and had a c section… lol waste of money.

June James says:

u look so cute… I am glad that you are handling the preg well… btw do
you look at YT videos from Tiffanydarlyn She is also preg – baby #2 and she
is again vlogging about it.. Oh how I love watching this stuff.. even
though my baby is now 17! YEARS OLD!!! However, from a moms point of view..
you are doing great. Very proud of youI took those breathing or birthing
classes and had two C-sections so I do not know if its beneficial at all.

Tanay Woodard says:

Dallas weather is trippen i live n Dallas!

AcousticSoul87 says:

Awwww I’m late but congratulations! So beautiful, and you’re glowing – yay

Bunny Davis says:

*Crystal, so happy for you

QueenB770 says:

Awe you look so pretty! Love your hair and makeup

Itsliketruelove says:


Kayy ♥♥ says:

Awe honey..

d0llfacevirgo says:

You look beautiful !

Mitzi Chearis says:

Hi! I’ve been watching your videos and saw that you are from Dallas. I am
22w6d pregnant and just moved to the Dallas area 2 weeks ago from Memphis,
TN. I actually live in Roanoke, TX. Do you have any recommendations for
daycares or pediatricians?

MsQuiteFrankly says:

Ive had 4 children and never used child birth classes, they were not
needed….Child birth is a natural thing for a woman and classes for it is
just a money making thing….You will know what to do when it happens
because your body takes over…Just make sure u dont
hyperventilate…Breathe in thru ur nose out your mouth with each
contraction and that will keep your labor pains down too…Having a baby is
not something to panic about ….U can take classes if u want but I never
cared for them

Anissa Gonzalez says:

Aww. You look so cute pregnant. Im so happy for you.

Tana Davis says:

The classes are a good idea. Our classes were free and we got a lot if
information and samples. I think it’s with checking out… Congrats and
good luck!

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