2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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An incredible race with an epic finish!

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harris st. says:

mesin honda memang hrebat eiy ..juara dimana-mana


try voice buddy to make this video multilingual,trusted and tried :https://www.jvzoo.com/register/1410681

Sumar Mar says:

Vettel vs lecrec


The power of race

beedsj roiue says:

Wow the Best race of 2019 !!!

Lee Boren says:

1:14 that is how to race with sportsmanship

Riadh Hm says:

max embarrased lewis espeially 2nd overtake very hard and just phenomenal british pussy king of weak era with greatest cars ever and greatest strategies especially merceders if max is his teammate he would eat him alive

Ralonso says:

One of the best races in the last decade.

Lucas Oliveira says:

No comments about verstappen overtakes Leclerc and Hamilton in two corners???

Antonius vd Klis says:

What a great race and a pit crew from Red Bull… WOW.

dragonslayertootoo says:

Sainz 3rd after Hamilton's generous omission of blame for the Albion incident.

However, Hamilton is on the inside edge of the track and Albion is on the outside turning in point.
If you review the incident in detail, its Albion's cutting back to the inside clipping point, that creates the incident.

A fine maneuver when the tracks clear, but having left the inside wide open at the turning in point
Albion's failed to cover the inside.
Your competitor is always going to hug the inside pushing you wide on the exit.
Albion ignored the inevitable and Hamilton hit Albion's rear tyre, as Albion cut back across Hamilton

In my view that was Albion's racing error.
He should have held the middle of the bend and forced Hamilton to back off or Hamilton risk hit him in the rear or force Hamilton wide either outside or inside

As it worked out Albion spun from the extra force on the rear tyre causing him to spin
Whilst clever Hamilton braked waiting to see which line he could take to avoid a further collision.

All credit to Hamilton who on the day gave his competitor the benefit of the doubt
NO credit to the stewards for giving the benefit to the driver who made the collision unavoidable
instead of LEWIS who is an exemplary safe driver

Dominik Danziger says:

Brazil or Germany? what do you guys think? For me it was Germany…

Zoere Heering says:

A great track Interlagos as always. Thank you

pedro julian torres maguiña says:

Lewis absoluty innecesarius

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