20 Weeks Pregnant (First Pregnancy) Second Trimester – 5 Months Pregnant

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Hey everyone! I am so excited to be 20 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe we are HALF WAY there! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. :)


Twitter: www.twitter.com/aaryn_williams
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aaryn_williams
Email: aarynbb15@mail.com

What I’m Wearing
-Earrings: Aldo
-Necklace: Macy’s
-Gray Tank: Kit + Ace
-Vest: Target
-Bracelet: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/4661422
-Pinky Ring: Etsy
-Jeans: Stitchfix
-Belly Belt: Bump Box

Mommy & Baby Items Mentioned
-ACURE Shampoo/Conditioner: Bump Box
-Self Tanner: Loving Tan
-Ellovi Belly Butter: Bump Box
-Bella Bee Face Wash: Bump Box
-Comotomo Baby Bottles
-Philips Avent Bottles (Natural) – Target
-Body Suits: Target
-Moccs: Olly Oaks
-Sophie la girafe: Target
-Squeeze & Teethe Elephant: Target
-SureSight digital color video monitor: Target
-Almost Pink Glidden Home Depot Paint
-Metallic Oyster Ralph Lauren Paint
-Nursery Items: Restoration Hardware


Cassandra Gauthier says:

I found out when I was 6 weeks along, and I totally relate to feeling how it's gone by so fast, I'm finally at the halfway mark :) find out next week what the little one is. So excited as this is my first. ALSO I feel you on the constant peeing issue haha.

Emily Miller says:

This was so sweet! I loved that your mom made an appearance, it reminded me of my mom and I. I will be 20 weeks on Sunday, I'm so glad I found a youtuber who is currently pregnant, close to my date! Subscribing :)

Amanda Kerr says:

Stop buying things!! Haha your family and friends will be spoiling her at baby showers!! (I know how hard it is to resist though, I'm guilty too)

Bethany Slipec says:

if you want the camera to focus on the products you are holding up, you need to block your face.

Rachel Lawson says:

What kind of camera are you using for this video? You look amazing! And you definitely don't look orange!

Jennifer Malek says:

The stretch marks hit me suddenly at 6 months. I was only 146 lbs too. Started out at 125 lbs. I've read it's hereditary if you get them or not. I don't think anything you put on your stomach will change that. The weight gain and swelling come at the end :/ I didn't exercise at all during pregnancy. I felt like my body was already working hard enough. I ate anything I wanted. I was 173 lbs at labor and 136 lbs 6 weeks later. By the way, you don't look orange at all.

Leah Brummitt says:

I also just looked at the crib, and it is stunning!!!

Leah Brummitt says:

my daughter LOVED sophie the giraffe :)

Britta G says:

When did you get the tattoo behind your ear?

Megan kudrna (mommy) says:

that dizzy flushed feeling normal ive got with all my pregnancy its either from having sudden sugar drop which means like u have to eat now lol or uve standing up to long i carry peanut butter crackers in my purse cuz ive almost passed out in a subway:)

Alexa Kranig says:

You are going to love the super light pink paint I the room. You won't have to paint the room for the next 15 years. My parents did the same thing but with super light purple and I am 15 and still haven't changed it. I love it. It's super simple, matches with everything, and is super modern. Have fun with everything and glad your pregnancy is going well.

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