20 Weeks Pregnant (5 Months) + Belly Shot

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Trayona’s pregnancy Vlog half way through this journey. 21 years old, 1st pregnancy, new mommy to be.

Here is the link to my Labor & Delivery video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9zbySoD4NA

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Carol Cheng says:

ur funny girl lol enjoyed ur video ´╗┐

birdielambert says:

@TrayonaLynnae i don’t know yet but i will find out soon :)

gymnassfan says:

Such a beautiful baby.

MommieDiaries06 says:

Congrats Im due the end og April, with a little girl and this is my second.
My oldest is a boy and he is 2.

TrayonaLynnae says:

@TheWilsonFamily32 Thank u!! And Congrats to u also!! :)

TrayonaLynnae says:

@birdielambert Congrats!! What are u expecting?

TREMBLEZ6394 says:

omg im so emotional two (x

Kiwanna Hampton says:

lol you too funny, im 20 weeks and expecting a girl ! gonna watch the rest
of your videos and subscribe!

Brittany W says:

I get round ligament pains and I’m 6 weeks! It’s so painful, I thought that
one of my organs would burst!

Mayra Martinez says:

cute belly

Misssexi419 says:

You’re so gansta lol.

fanofafan5679 says:

@Lenaidavis006 damn bradl

Brittany Andrews says:

The monkey outfit was my sons coming home video :) I’m due aug 5th congrats
Hun!! U are too funny

ilovenbcnews says:

do you plan to do the right side of your body with tatoos , like the left
arn and upper breast?


Haha I’m so emotional too xP

birdielambert says:

lol ur funny…i’m about to be 20 weeks

AaronVtec803 says:

Congrats on the baby. You’re beautiful!

NJangel1991 says:

What would you say to a girl thats 21 years and prego? What advice would
you give her?

St├ęphanie Flamand says:

Waaw, i love your tattos!!!! :)

Tia BoBia says:

ur pretty, u favor keyshia dior/ka’oir, u heard that before?

jay cooper says:

so beautiful

Lenaidavis006 says:

Congrats I’m also 20 weeks I’m having a little girl this is my sixth child
I am so happy and can’t wait to have my baby girl im gonna subscribe to
your channel can you subscribe to mines too


This is great!^.^ I’m so excited! (:

moniiquex0 says:

I am inlove with your tattoo!

Rellyrell3812 says:

Congrats, may god bless you and your baby

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