20 weeks (5 months) Pregnant Belly View

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LOLLIEP0Pz says:

when does the belly button start to pop out?

aletsee16 says:

i am 15, & pregnant ///// no, one knows.

ohtheyears says:

@crimehellboy –
Ha if you say so.

ohtheyears says:

@S3xybb20 –
ha thanks. :]

ohtheyears says:

it's a babyboy.<3
i didn't find out til 6 days later after doing this video.

ohtheyears says:

aw. don't worry you'll get there. :]
it took me FOREVER to finally look pregnant. I'm 31 weeks and 3 days now and I FINALLY look pregnant.

Nydia Ciarsolo says:

im 18 w & my belly is still not gowing:(

ohtheyears says:

quit fucking saying immature shit on my video's nobody asked for your two sense. and as i had said before no it was not.

LaOm33 says:


ohtheyears says:

thank you. :)
i was really not THAT BIG idk why it looks like that.

Alicia Singleton says:

Im just a teen but in the stories i read they are like 5 months and they are like this
–> | | im like wow….you are big… (not in a mean way!!) :] its a cutie!!

ohtheyears says:

thnak you. :]
it doesn't look that big in person.

rlwilliams2008 says:

Cute bump :) I am 19w4d!

ohtheyears says:

Thank you. :]
It looks so much bigger then what it actually is.
I took it before I went to the bathroom & it was taken close too.
But aw. :] I stil don'tknow what I'm having yet. Don't findout til 6 more days.

LizandClayton says:

Cute belly!!!!!! :) I'm 21w4d today :)

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