20 weeks 2 days (5 months) PREGNANT pregnancy belly shot

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Feeling bigger this week. Totally out of my jeans now and trying to get people to think that I am not fat but pregnant! I can see it – no one else seems to though!

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Jessica Grether says:

Yes Hun-your showing :) btw don’t worry about what people say on how
big/small u look bc everyone looks different during there pregnancies-as
long as your obgyn is telling you your measuring right-your good to go!! I
can relate to your wanting to show a bit more bc it’s such a wonderful
thing to strut your preg belly around & have it noticed-but I didn’t show
with my first til I was 6 & 1/2 months & he was a 8 pound baby! 😀 you look
great & I’m about 19 weeks & wanted to see other bellies so thank you for

angelcake04 says:

my sister is 4 months and her belly looks like a watermelon with a tiny

Teacher Haters says:

My older sister is only 9 weeks pregnant and u can already see that she is

angelcake04 says:


Tashana Brown says:

i ave the tummy is like a model and am four months & one week

kbell1479 says:

Your tummy is so small I’m tall and only 2 months I look huge already

Oana Prescure says:


Casie Coventry says:

I’m 17 weeks and I’m twice the size but I have some tummy fat too

Shannell Doss says:

Your stomach is tiny to be 5 months but congrads!!!

msgarciaboo says:


alaykkafowler1 says:

Omg we have the same belly. :) for me, it’s a good thing though cause i
don’t have to spend much on clothes anymore

jesuslove1991 says:

Omg that’s how my belly looks. i’m 20 weeks 4 days, and i don’t look
pregnant. my belly is flat.

babykaylene99 says:

Speak mad slow lmfao

linger WU says:

I am small, and 5 months pregnant now, and my belly looks small which makes
me worry. But i think still bigger than yours! Did you take breath when u
took the video?

Nicole Eder says:

that is not true…. there are many people that dont really start showing
until they are 7 months or maybe even later, Im 5 months pregnant and there
is a little change in my stomach, but there is a baby in there…. i just
got my ultrasound yesterday and its kicking too. Maybe she was just
carrying it low like i am

vickydominguez420 says:

you can wear stretchy pants

kayla112810 says:

And I’m 5 months

ColinEmerald says:

To be honest, I really wouldn’t have guessed that you were pregnant XD

Rhanzum says:

Mine is exactly like that! I hoe I stay small though (:

Rhanzum says:

Oops *hope*

misfalala says:

are you sure you are pregnant ?…your tummy doesn’t seem any changers at
all.. 5 months pregnant your tummy must be bigger already ..

notanotherone79 says:

@misfalala LOL! Yup – seen that baby in there! I really thought that as
this was my 4th I would be massive by now but no. Maybe because I am tall?
Who knows.

kayla112810 says:

That’s how mine is :( I wanna show already !

rebecca frazer-ellis says:

Wear leggings !!!! God luck with your growing bump :)

Ana B says:

r u having a boy or girl?

his1nonlynoel says:

ur tummy was very small to be five months, oh goodness i hope mine stay
small longer..

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