20 Week Pregnancy Anatomy Scan – 4D Ultrasound!

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Jess is 20 weeks pregnant and the anatomy scan to find out the gender of our baby went well! They did a regular ultrasound, but also a 4D ultrasound at the end! We did not know what to expect, but we saw the baby moving! The baby weighed more than average, which has Jess really worried about her pregnancy weight gain and gestational diabetes.
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xnasus says:

Haha, I had to drink 32 oz before my scan. Oml, did I need to pee in 30 mins. I was dying by the time they were ready for my scan.

Alissa Walter says:

I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks and they told me to drink 32 oz of fluid 45 minutes prior and hold.

Brianna Ray says:

For my firstborn we waited till birth to know the gender. When he was born the doctor forgot we didn't know and went to go clean and cut his cord without telling us and they had to be reminded we would like to know 😛 We didn't wait to know with our second (girl) but the technician was only 80% positive they were correct so we were little worried we were planning for the wrong gender but they were correct.

nappynatty10 says:

This scan looks so different from mine. I don't know the difference between the machines or technology. I live in France and the screen was huge and so detailed.

Stephanie Jordan says:

The baby look just like my baby boy in my 20 week scan

Priti Shikotra says:

I’m at 19 weeks right now my 20 week anomaly scan is next week. I wanna know but don’t! Haha

Danique Finigan says:

How long was the anatomy scan?

Kelvin Benjamin says:

The guys eyebrows. lol

Alison Simmons says:

I just drank a ton of water leading up to mine. Almost peed on the way there, then while sitting in the waiting room. And they made me wait a half hour past my appointment time. Finally gave up and went to the bathroom and walked out to the lady calling my name. And it turned out to not even be an issue because they didn't even mention it once I got back there. She did point out that the baby was sitting directly on my bladder though lol so that could have contributed to all of it.

MzLHoskins says:

Girl @ 2:11

bk33bk says:

This is great! Ours is coming up soon! Hoping to record!

Classy Cassy says:

U guys are too funny and cute LOL

Love A.S.K.K says:

I'm going to cry…. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and in so excited to find out the gender

McCallFam says:

Mine was spot on! My doc said 4 lbs on my final ultrasound and she was born at 3lb 15oz

Jordan Wright says:

How come you guys had so many ultrasounds? I just found your videos so I'm lost lol. Congrats by the way 😀

Patrick Neiswinger says:

We have our 20 weeks ultrasound next week. We're both sooooo excited!!! This is my husband's account… He hasn't been able to be able to be at all the appointments so far so the fact gets to come with me to this one is such a blessing. You guys are such a cute and loving couple :)

G S says:

Nice nails. Is it ok to paint when pregnant

Lenzi Miller says:

Oh and one more thing, Jess you look amazing… gorgeous… beautiful. You have the pregnancy glow that makes you even more beautiful than you already are.

Lenzi Miller says:

The doctors aren't right with the how big baby is! Both of my pregnancies with my girl's I was told I was going to have anywhere between an 8-9 pound baby, yet both of my girl's weighed 6 pounds 12 oz.. Yes both of them weighed exactly the same… weird huh????

Lenzi Miller says:

I always drank way less… the tech never said anything. Just because I already have bladder problems and I couldn't hold it long at all… anyways I cannot wait to meet your baby!!! Oh my goodness!!!

solobluangel and blackqueen69 says:

I'm excited for my gender scan on the 23rd

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