2 months post delivery pregnancy after tummy tuck

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Sophie Doll says:

wow you look great!

amy lamb says:

Doesn’t even look like you had a baby…I’m impressed. It gives me hope for
when I get pregnant with my 3rd child (I had a TT 4 years ago) Your belly
button looks good to me, atleast you dont have any stretch marks around it.
That’s what I’m worried about anyway. :) Again, THANKS for sharing and keep
us posted!

ajuneice says:

Thank you for the videos! You are really helping me feel better since I was
very nervous. You look great:)

Claudia Tejeda says:

Hello I’ve seeing all your videos and I am impressed. I am thinking of
having another baby after 2 pregnancies. I had a tummy tuck done about 2
years ago now and I am a bit scared because I want to make sure I am able
to keep my stomach flat. Is there any way you can show any more pics of how
you look now please. Thank you!

TheMJD100 says:

Looking great! Glad to hear everything is well :)

81mommyofthree says:

I don’t know of a way to post pics on here, if there is one let me know and
I will :)

Brenda Loblein says:

You look great! I just wanted to update you and give others hope…I had my
baby in July after a tummy tuck in 2006. I did not get ANY stretchmarks!
(with my previous 3 pregnancies I got them really bad). I also did not show
as big this time. I think doing a lot of ab work before and during
pregnancy helped a lot. Also, I used Bio oil religiously! My stomach is as
flat as it was before but my skin is a little looser, which is ok because
it was almost too tight before.

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