2 Month PostPartum+Belly Shot

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Here is our 2 month postpartum update plus my measurements!

Weight On Due Date: 172
Pre-Pregnancy weight:120
Current Goal:125-130
Waist Goal: back to 28″

Current Body Measurements:
Weight: 135
Waist: 32 1/2
Hips: 49
Thighs: 19
Arms:11 1/2″

I need to lose 4 1/2 inches in my waist, and between 10-15 more pounds.

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WiseOneOfGod says:

I clicked on all these baby vids just to see this beautiful, cute, adorable
baby!! How lovely!

dat_pinky says:

you look amazing Tiffany!

heyheyitskaren says:

Like 6 days ago my baby turned 2 months and he had his 2 month check up and
he weighed 12 pounds and when he was born he was 6 and he was 23 1/2 inches
and when he was born he was 19 1/2 inch. So he is growing faster above
75/100 babies. THEY GROW UP SO FAST! but he can’t really stand cause he has
mild clubfeet on both feet so he’s getting those check next week. I want to
give him cereal when he’s like 3 or 3 1/2…. Aww your baby is so cute

Pooobaihr23 says:

I started to give my baby a bit of cereal around the 4 month time. Um, they
did sleep just a little longer, but you kinda have to watch out and make
sure he doesnt get gassy.

KorahMKO says:

You look gorgeous!

Theaa DLoq says:

super babyy Lol 😉

xsentimentalx says:

He is sooooo beautiful.. Looks just like TJ!

Ashley Rodriguez says:

@SMARAGH20 i have two boys both tared cereal in their bottles the day they
came home from hospital.

CindyCampos92 says:

Are you breast feeding?

kdm106 says:

he is TOO cute! he’s going to break some hearts when he gets older. lol

adreya31 says:

you look amazing

shayla2591 says:

ok him being that adorable is just crazy you have a beautiful family

Neva J. says:

@JayBreeezyy i hope you die cuz ur an ugly white piece of trash thats
probably fat has no friends eat potato chips all day and jack’s off to porn
cuz u can get none

Jeanae Lpoez says:

Wen I First Watch This Video I was Whoa Whoa Yur Pregnant Lol But Then I
saw Yur Baby Face Im Like Awww!!!

chatmickable says:

he looks so serious! hahaha!

montel430 says:

Wow! Beautiful belly shot.. I didn’t think u’d lift shirt with leggings on!

MsStarsx10 says:

What is your exercise regimen?

mikahick says:

p.s you look awesome!!!

diamondsnPEARLS says:

aw him is sooooo cute!

usatrackfeene400 says:

wow he looks like his dad…hes so cute lol

princezzbg15 says:

He’s so good in the video!

Theaa DLoq says:

you’re mad pretty btw :)

SMARAGH20 says:

Tiff do what ever you want, from the studies I have read starting cereal at
4 mos or any earlier has been show to result in obesity, ear infections and
more but mothers have started their babies on cereal at the time it’s
recommended not to and their babies have been fine. It was MY opinion
because you asked EVERYONE, in the end you will do what you want and what
your doctor recommends. But remember doctors do not specialize in Nutrition

Alejandra Munoz says:

I recommend starting at 4 months. It reduces the risk of your baby
developing any allergies, but definitely start thin, and as you progress go

sweetpyramidgirl says:

our babies are of same age and we look a like and he had his doctor
appointment yesterday

BrittneeSays says:

aww his smile in the beginning is sooo cute haha :)

Berricream24 says:

Cereal was my lifeSAVER lol I gave it to my son at 4 months when he was
able to hold his head up but I started with one serving at night and then
when he turned 5 months I started giving it from a soft spoon and he was
opening his mouth! I mean every child is different but ask his doctor to
see if you can give it to him now.

Haley Jane says:

@SMARAGH20 Actually some babies hold the own head up and start opening up
their mouth when they see food around 4 months others around 7 its not the
norm but all babies are different. But ur right for most average babies!

jazlytrice says:

Hes looking at himself in the camera

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