19 Weeks Pregnant +tummy shot & baby buys!

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ReillyAJ says:

nearly halfway!

matthewsmomma07 says:

I have tried so many things to change it but nothing has helped.

matthewsmomma07 says:

The fatigue has hit me in full blast this past week to! The only thing that
helps is the bath. My leg hair is soo dark and grows back VERY fast. I cant
keep up. I love love love the fox hat and bedding :) Your belly looks great

Lizbeth Yandell says:

So many cute things :) I still have food aversions and vomiting sometimes
so you’re not alone for week 19!

holdendmb says:

You are too cute! Love the color yellow on you. I tried not shaving my
under arms and legs for a few weeks, in the winter when nobody would see.
Just to see what it was like, and I couldn’t get very far! I definitely
missed the feeling of shaved legs when you jump into to bed under the
covers. But I think it’s cool that you don’t, more power to you! Not a
slave to your razor! Takes soooo damn long in the shower!

treemama meg says:

Thanks, my dear!

treemama meg says:

Aww thanks! I have been told that before. I think the no shaving thing is
just a very personal preference. I was never a big shaver so it has been
easier for me to not do it. And it does take SO long to shave! :p

Priscilla K says:

Are you going to find out the gender? I haven’t been a subscriber for long
but I know that the gender was wrong for your first baby so will that
impact your choice to find out the gender for this baby? Now sure what
happened with Dagney :)

Ashten Vogtritter says:

Cold is waaay better for you then heat! Try cold!

The290ss- Daily vlogs, recipes, tutorials and more! says:

aww love them <3 happy 19 weeks 😀

Missy Naps says:

cant i wait till i get this far

treemama meg says:

Dagney has been waking up too in the night! :(

treemama meg says:

Miss you too, hun!

treemama meg says:

It’s great isn’t it?!

Jordan Lee says:

Love that fox onesie!

treemama meg says:

I’ve tried cold, it just makes me even more stiff :(

MadreMaven says:

Do you like drinking nut milks? May help with the heartburn/reflux and I’m
learning lots at midwifery school about making everything you take in
counts towards your daily needs. Which makes sense to me!

carlynicoleelliotte says:

Wow, I didn’t know you didn;t shave. Howcome you don’t? I’ve only every
know 1 other person who didn;t shave anything but never knew why. Not sure
if I have missed this but are you going to find out the gender? Love your
baby buys and your belly is just TOO cute!!

treemama meg says:

I am glad I am not a lone, but sorry you are feeling the same!

treemama meg says:

I have my heart set on fox items, or little woodland animals. ;p It’s funny
I am so small, but I sure as heck do not feel like it, haha! But I am sure
I will “pop” soon enough! And thank you! I actually prefer the gender
neutral items for some reason. Take a dive and buy some, 😉

jengilbert3369 says:

Are u doing another home birth. I just noticed u saying coming home outfit.

jennifer NL says:

oooooooh! i LOVE the bedding!

MadreMaven says:

That fabric is so awesome! It’s all retro-modern feeling. How neat.

treemama meg says:

Etsy! :) Gotta love etsy.

treemama meg says:

It’s cute , isn’t it?!

treemama meg says:

I’ll be discussing that in my next video. :)

mommynaomi says:

I really miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

matthewsmomma07 says:

Oh yeah and David started waking up through the night again the past few

treemama meg says:

Nope, we wont be finding out the sex of the baby and I do think what
happened with Dagney did impact a lot with why we wont be finding out. But
it will be nice to have something to focus on while I am trying to birth
drug free. :) We were told Dagney was a girl by two techs at our ultrasound
and than at 34 weeks had another ultrasound and was told boy.

treemama meg says:

Thanks, Amy!! I am not on facebook anymore actually :( Well just for the
summer time anyways. I’d love to see it though!! Is it similar to a what
the bed sheet is?

treemama meg says:

You know, I’ve never actually tried anything. I’m iffy about almond milk
just because eating raw ones causes problems with me. But next time I buy
Dagney’s rice milk I am going to check out what else there is. :)

dreamflight6000 says:

Cute baby stuff!!! I have to share Henry’s quilt with you…Not sure how to
do that…I don’t have you on FB anymore. You look great! I am so excited
for you! That fox hat is SO CUTE!

leann craigo says:

WHERE did u get the crib sheet?????

treemama meg says:

I know! It’s crazy!

Luna Rain says:

I love the fox stuff! So cute. You are tiny!!! My belly is a little bigger
and I’m 17 weeks. But this is my third. I’m always afraid to buy gender
neutral clothes. But those are precious!

treemama meg says:

I really was never a big shaver actually. I get ingrown hairs like crazy
which cause boils so they are not fun. I get bad eczema on my under arms
too and shaving seems to irritate it more so I just never do it. BUT for
special occasions like being in someones wedding I’ll shave & I’ll shave my
pubic hair for birth so I don’t have to deal with hair and blood- yuck!
Shaving just makes me feel like a child. And thank you!! We wont be finding
out the sex.

treemama meg says:

I had a “coming home” outfit for Dagney too actually. BUT our plans for
where to birth I will share in another video. :)

treemama meg says:

It’s neat to see that we are on the same track! Not a fan of exhaustion
though especially with children, but I guess we better get use to it. 😉

courtney hardy says:

Are you going to have another home birth

treemama meg says:

I thought it was too- had to have it!

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