19 Weeks Pregnant + Gender Reveal & Belly Shot

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So this is our real life…hope you enjoy! We married August 20, 2011 and are expecting our first child January 4, 2013.

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jj fontana says:

That colour looks good on you Gabe…

Rose Fergus says:

You’re a GREAT mother to your son

GabeBabeTV says:

Coconut oil huh, that’s a new one. You don’t really hear about that. Oh yes
I’m definitely breast feeding, I know that’s the best thing to do!

Apryl I says:

Boys are Fantastic!! As far as stretch marks we women pretty much take
after our moms. Go look at your moms and investigate. Your mom may not have
stretch marks. I did use Palmers coco butter lotion for stretch marks and
it did make my skin very pliable and soft, soft enough to stretch without
too much itching. But I did get stretch marks anyway. Myself and my sisters
all and got big time stretch marks. Just like my mom. But it’s okay. Enjoy
your pregnancy. Try Mothers Friend oil.

GabeBabeTV says:

Yes, that’s the plan!

blakirish31 says:

Oh yea, you can try Bio Oil out for stretch marks, etc. I used it for
fading dark spots and stretch marks.

SESmithy says:

Aww I just started watching your videos and I absolutely love em! You guys
are so lovely and congrats on the pregnancy! Wishes from Canada T.O *Hugs*

GabeBabeTV says:

So true, I’m blessed to have Chad there to teach him how to be a good man!

0500ALLISA says:

Its Okay Too Cry, I Cried When I Found Out I Was Having A Girl, I Wanted A
Boy So Bad… Lol Its Silly Now, But It Was Serious Then! Ha

GabeBabeTV says:

Hmm camellia oil, I’ve never heard of that. Thank you for the suggestion!!

TashaJ says:


Rene' Rita says:

YYAAAYYY You’re so sexy & cute pregnant. Congats. on your Anniversary
yesterday. STAY HEALTHY!!

mouselebee says:

Gabe you and Babe are keeping me sane with these hilarious videos! It gives
me chills – good chills – to see a interracial couple, now bring a life
into the world. It is so cool to watch the adoration on camera. I wish you,
Babe and Baby Ceeeeeeej (CJ ..Babe I like the nickname!!!) all the best,
and much love from Gainesville, Fl at UF!!!

Blacknatural08 says:

Exactly he has no issues with my body at all and he is very happy that we
are down to 2 weeks to go before she gets here. He just can’t wait to see
his only little girl come into the world.

GabeBabeTV says:

Yeah, so far bio oil is getting the most votes. I’m going to have to go
pick more up.

fufuNubianQueen12 says:

Congrats guys, VERY happy for you!! Enjoy the journey together,lots of love
from the UK. Keep us updated! God bless. 😀

GabeBabeTV says:

Hmm i’ll have to check out TKOSkin, I’ve never heard of it before. Thank
for sharing! The bag is from Louis Vuitton and I absolutely love it!!

Abanj Bak says:

i wish you all happiness with ur baby

derineishaHolmes2010 says:


Amber Dawn says:


GabeBabeTV says:

Thank you for those wonderful words! It’s a great feeling when people can
actually see the love we have for each other 😉

GabeBabeTV says:

Wow, 3 sons…I can’t even imagine what that would be like but I’m sure
being the only woman in the house is a great feeling 😉

tindalsa says:

Hey we are due right around the same time..I’m due Jan. 16, 2013. I’m
having a girl.

GabeBabeTV says:

Aww, thank you so much!!

shyvixx1 says:

put shea or coco butter on your stomach YESTERDAY!!!!! continue to do it
till the 7th month and you will not have ANY tiger marks!

Shekinah316 says:

God bless you both and ur baby boy!!!!!

ChloeCharleslovesyoo says:

Until you get a girl, you can get a doll ^_^

GabeBabeTV says:

We plan on doing some pregnancy pics!

aMochaMommy says:

do you have an anterior placenta? the position of your placenta can hinder
you from feeling the baby kicks early on.

Jade Blueheart says:

January 4th is my birthday,enjoy your bundle of joy

Old97Soul says:

Yeah, with good hair.

MsStarbright84 says:

I have been pregnant twice over. I have 2 kids and having one in the near
future. My husband doesn’t have kids so he wants at least one, but it won’t
be for another 2 years.LOL.:-) congrats girlie…

Jazzy Bear says:

Congrats to you guys, You are going to be a great set of parents. dont
worry about the baby being a boy, once he comes you will be so over
protective of him. theres a saying “mommys baby boy,daddys little girl”.so
you just might have a closer bond with him. may god continue to bless your
family,may well wishes sent your way. oh, and enjoy the preganacy youll get
a lot of special attention :)

GabeBabeTV says:

Lol, well we appreciate that. Thank you!!

GabeBabeTV says:

We’re only trying 3 times…hopefully we get her next so we can be done!

GabeBabeTV says:

Lol, oh yes he will definitely be there through everything…he doesn’t
have a choice but luckily he wants to be there. We’ve decided on a birthing
center. I may talk more about that in a future prego vlog.

GabeBabeTV says:

Lol, I am looking forward to not doing two heads of hair right off the bat!

trublckbeauty11 says:

aww.. i love the way you two interact. its awesome

Tee Fisher says:

Both of you guys are BEAUTIFUL! God Bless :)

dancaholic says:

cute couple

mollychanel1 says:

You guys are so funny. Congrats!!!!!

PharmDiva83 says:

Congrats to you both! I am currently expected as well as this is such an
exciting time. I am 19 weeks 5 days. The movement will come. Being a first
time mom it shocked me when it first happen last Sunday. Now feeling the
baby move and looking down at my belly just is such a joy. I can’t wait to
find out the gender next week! Thank you so much for vlogging your

haynes552 says:


24LadyRin says:

Congrats! I’m so happy for you 2!!

GabeBabeTV says:

Lol, yes it really is that crucial!

Godchild child says:

Gud newz may god bless ya.

lola desamu says:

I love you two… You are so easy to love!!!

GabeBabeTV says:

I have never heard of the sexy belly cream, I’ll definitely be checking
that out. Thanks for sharing 😉

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