18 Weeks Pregnant! Belly Shot+Baby Buys and Special Guest :)

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Thank you for following my journey. Subscribe for more vlogs :) I’m due February 8, 2015

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TTC After Stillbirth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsHNQSlBv9M&list=UUy4didzm29cWcCFqCYbwiPw&feature=player_detailpage

Recovery After Stillbirth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbd24nCEOZE&list=UUy4didzm29cWcCFqCYbwiPw&feature=player_detailpage

My Stillbirth Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6MgllkBptY&list=UUy4didzm29cWcCFqCYbwiPw&feature=player_detailpage


MrsVHolmes says:

Yayyyyy for a new update, and girl I love that little laugh you do. You
were extra giggly when your boo Thang came out. I said, “look at her” lol 

76mrsmartin says:

I’m so happy for you. You are glowing! Love the baby buys! Praying for a
successful healthy delivery. God bless!

rickkia betts says:

congrats.. loveee boys. soo much easier than girls.

Sarah Louise says:

I’m so happy the gender reveal and memorial went well! The picture you
posted at the end was great! And I’m loving all the baby buys!!

Fly Won says:

Im one week behind you. Congrats on your boy!

TheVargasShow says:

I’m so happy for you Charity. God is blessing you with a little boy.

AmyLynn Grue says:

You look great mama! And you and your hubby r so cute together 

Godsmiraclereceived says:

What a wonderful video. :) You look beautiful. I am keeping you in my
prayers. Everything will work to the good because all things are possible
with God. Awesome update! God bless.

kisty phillips says:

Cute baby stuff!! I’m ready to go shopping myself!! Lol. Blessings!

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