18 weeks baby moving

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Henrietta Onodi says:

It’s not 18 weeks .

Caitlyn Jacobs says:

Omg that’s so awesome! I’m 18.5 weeks and still don’t feel anything

Debra Wyatt says:

I knew I couldn’t be the only person with strong movements this early

Rainny Reyn says:

Awesome.. When I was 15weeks of pregnancy i can feel my baby moving. Now
I’m 18 weeks and baby moving every two hours. Wonderful feeling indeed.

Rebecca Blue says:

omg why cant I see that :( im 18 weeks

Emily Lance says:

How is this the baby moving when your ueterus isnt even to your belly
button until 20 weeks. Somethings not right.

Rachel Ganus says:

That is crazy
Im 18.5 weeks with baby 5 and have never been able to see it moving by now
Hell Im just starting to feel it 

S Mackie says:


Chaelise Reed says:

I wonder how does it feel 

hcham44 says:

Lol! That’s not your baby moving… that was waste moving through your

Vivian Smith says:

It’s just a fart 

Chetom Cerney says:

i’m 18 weeks & i cant feel my baby’s movement yet..

Tamika Robling says:

Aw how adorable!!! And it feels so wonderful when the baby moves. I’m 18
weeks pregnant and my baby is kicking too, but I haven’t got to see
movement in my own tummy like this. But that’s awesome and congratulations!
😀 my first baby, every time he would move, I t would tickle so bad lol

Seretta Stilley says:

That is so awesome!

nahomy007 says:

Its awesome, im 18weeks now and i just feel th movement but cant see it
like you

Azzer Yam says:

oohh im so jealous!im on my 18weeks too but i havent see my baby moving.I
just feel something moving inside..

airforce1530 says:

keep showin its progress=]

Alyssa Gonzales says:

Precious (:

Hanna Broussard says:

OMG, I wish I could see mine. Im almost 18 weeks and he’s still so low :(

temmarra hazelman says:

It’s so cute. :) wish mine would move like that

Mizz Independent says:


his1nonlynoel says:

Omg wow ur baby was a pro at only 18 weeks :) so cute. Im 16 weeks now n
all i want to feel is a small kick atleast lol but i do feel when he moves
to different spots cuz itll be really hard. Congrats!!

yvonne cowart says:

oh wow i 17 weeks cant wait for this .

P101erla says:

This isn’t your first baby right ?

Nik Barnhart says:

Lol tankya:)

HoneyEyes says:

So cute bu the way! Mine moves but I can see it. Have u been preggo before?

alona olender says:

Im 17 weeks and i dont even feel it yet :(

HoneyEyes says:

Are you very skinny? I’ve heard that it shows more on skinner girls, thats
why I’m asking :)

Tori Pearce says:

Aweh, im 18 weeks and can’t see the moves yet but definetly feel them.

P101erla says:

I’m 18 weeks and 6 days and I can see my baby move too like the kicks but
not like urs were I can see him move around like that

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