18 Minute Mommy and Me Full Workout—Workout to do with baby of any age

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This 18 Minute workout features gentle exercises you can safely do with your baby and works the whole body. Options for all fitness levels and options for babies of all ages. Take your time and if something doesn’t feel good for you, take a break, or put the baby in a safe place and continue the workout on your own.

As always, please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor for exercise before you begin this or any other workout.


Chaya Silberberg says:

I did it with my 3 years old. I will never think that a workout can be so complicated lol

Checkout me and my daughter in our morning affirmations.

Anishka Hanna says:

Thank you. Did this today with my 3 month old

X T says:

Watching this with my son Kai!

][ says:

I am a dude and probably not your target audience but I'm gonna try this.

Kyle Soule says:

Hes absolutely adorable!! Thanks for a great workout with my little lady:)

Vanessa Roper says:

I tried this with my 2 month old! Thanks

Susanna Martinez says:

This melts my heart. I love it and such a great workout, thank you!

Thyra Allen says:

This video (and all of your postpartum videos that I’ve tried) are just great. You keep it real and I’m always sore after the workouts. My almost 5 month old loves this workout – I think it’s the daily highlight of her day, which motivates me to do it everyday even when I’m tired!!

Amber Wiersma says:

Thank you so much for this. My 1 year old son loves this and my 2 year old daughter does them next to us and goggles the whole time. God bless you and your family.

James Nedumgatt says:

Should I wear my maternity belt while exercising?

Mendi Carrington says:

My baby is 7 weeks today and I've been itching to workout, but he cries every time I put him down. So this workout is perfect! Thanks for sharing!! ❤

Jackie Martin says:

Thanks for this workout my baby loved talking to your baby! She had fun and that makes the workout so much more enjoyable!

Alyssa Ramos says:

Loved this workout. Can you share more mommy and me workouts?

Chaya Houpt says:

This video just saved me when my 3mo woke up from a nap and changed my workout plans. He loved it even though he was in a cranky mood. Thank you!

Sara Gracie says:

My baby is 14months and a little over 30lbs. He is a little tank. And now I'm sweating up a storm. But, he loved the whole thing. He was laughing and staying in place better than I thought. When my baby laughs I laugh. I never had such a pleasant experience working out.

Also, he liked those squats a little too much.

ellie111188 says:

Just in a few minutes I started to sweat and my 5 month old is having a blast

أيَار بيوتي says:

بالتوفيق يا رب خلطات ام ساره الطبيعيه

Katrina Fielding says:

I'm trying this tomorrow with my month old girl

Skyemum says:

thanks for sharing!:)

Jasmine Jones says:

I just started doing this workout with my 10 month old and we love it!! He giggles the whole time, even when i put him down (I guess I look funny working out lol). this is really helping to clear my quarantine slump!

Magdalena Górska says:

My baby boy LOVED IT. So did I :)

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