16 weeks pregnant!!! is my belly 2 little?

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Adriana Bowers says:

U shouldn't stick it in like that not at all if it's bad to lay on ur stomach it's bad to stick in ur stomach n u jst got to eat more 

phoua28 says:

I'm in your situation and I'm also worried maybe not all women come with the same uterus size. And I'm a thick person and only seeing a tiny bump. Don't worry . 

Kyrsten Bell says:

You should upload more videos! Please? It's 2014….

carly sand says:

Birch u wanna show a littel more o weight I think that's impossible ur already showing part of ur boobes so how much more could u show & sorry I'm not trying 2b an ass but ya know its kind of inappropriate. I'm 12 & I'm sword of a bad ass & I don't even show that much cleavage & bitch I'm pregnant 2…..

Zac says:

Your nips gave me a boner…

Alice Vroman says:

nice boobs lmao

lydia gonzalez says:

I'm pregnant just found out and I look like I'm 5months and I'm only 4 tho

Sohel Mohammad says:

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Jacqueline Rose says:

I'm 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I do not look pregnant at all. Only change is my lower stomach is really hard and I got the line from my belly button all the way down to my pelvic bone. Or whatever its called. I can feel the baby kick and move around but most people don't believe I am pregnant haha. It's kinda of annoying when people tell me how tiny I am for 16 weeks. But there is a baby in there c: I am about your size. Probably smaller. I am a very skinny person so I thought I show quicker.

Sasha Touchet says:

Sometimes your baby goes deep in your back. Im 16 weeks. My baby goes towaRD my back then it goes toward the front. Check out my 16 weeks update! I just did it a few minutes ago!

iris olivera says:

im 14 weeks and im not showing. i have a small body structure so idk if i should be concern??

Suhey Castaneda-Villa says:

16weeks and 4days..about same size.. And I too was worried bout my belly..doc says some wemen dont show till they r about 6months (for a tall woman) im 5'4 ..nd im showing a tiny bit as well..

butter scotch says:

yes to respond to ur vid im 17 weeks nd im small too so yea its normal i eat alot nd throw up everythin almost so dont be frightened 

Kels AndKids says:

I find that alot of the girls who have "huge" belly pictutes at like 15 weeks are all pushing their bellies out. I didnt start showing with my son until i was 18 weeks and Im tiny, like 120 so dont worry you're belly will grow soon enough :)

GothLolipop says:

15 weeks here. No belly xD 

DARKangel6972 says:

2008? shes alredy had the baby by now :P

camila andrea says:

im 15 weeks my belly looks a lil bigger than that and i was worried i was barely showing

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